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Indiana Topples Michigan State — is Iowa next? Midweek Basketball Previews, Open Thread

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Minnesota shoots for the Border Battle sweep, Nebraska’s running out of time, and Penn State...might not be dead yet?

NCAA Basketball: Indiana at Michigan State Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

I’m finally hit that point of complete apathy toward Northwestern basketball. I’m only here so I don’t get fined.

One-Line Recaps:


Indiana 79, #6 Michigan State 75 (OT): No Romeo, no problem—Sparty can’t stop IU offense.

Ohio State 76, Rutgers 62: OK, they’re still shitty.

Illinois 71, Nebraska 62: It’s all over in Lincoln—Miles’ lack of offense strikes again.


#17 Purdue 73, Minnesota 63: How to Lose A Lead in 10 Minutes


Penn State 59, Northwestern 52: Holy shit, this was a terrible basketball game.

Mid-Week Previews


#9 Michigan State (18-4, 9-2) at Illinois (7-15, 3-8)

6pm | ESPN2 | MSU -10 | O/U 147

Andrew K: MSU’s lack of a scoring option on the wing is starting to show, and a relative dearth of ball-handling could be a real problem against Illinois’ defense on a quick turnaround from Saturday’s debacle.

I suppose MSU still ought to win this one, but I don’t feel great about it.


decide the winner

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  • 43%
    michigan state by lots
    (21 votes)
  • 37%
    michigan state by lots more
    (18 votes)
  • 18%
    illinois, somehow
    (9 votes)
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#7 Michigan (20-2, 9-2) at Rutgers (11-10, 4-7)

7pm | BTN | Mich -9.5 | O/U 125.5

Do not watch this game. It could end 60-45, Michigan, and it will feel like a blowout, but the two teams will clang so many baskets and get involved in so many of those scrums in the lane where some idiot tried to bounce pass it to the guard and no one can pick it up and oh my God just kill me; I’ll be watching Drake at Loyola instead.

In more seriousness, it feels like Rutgers’ length and commitment to offensive rebounding could give Michigan a little trouble in this one. Whether Michigan’s offense moves the ball well enough will determine if we’re watching the drawn-out or shorter version of this execution.



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  • 66%
    ignas brazdeikis
    (35 votes)
  • 33%
    new jersey
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#24 Maryland (17-6, 8-4) at Nebraska (13-9, 3-8)

6pm | BTN

BRT: Nebrasketball is in full-on collapse right now, so even at home, I can’t in good conscience pick them to win given their current state of affairs. Nevertheless, I will hope that this is the game that gets it back on track for them... but I’m not terribly optimistic.


turtles in the cornfields

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  • 50%
    (37 votes)
  • 50%
    terrapinnacle bank arena
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#19 wisconsin (16-6, 8-3) at Minnesota (16-6, 6-5)

8pm | BTN

Ed. note: I am most excited for this game, because the levels of Minnesota-wisconsin snark among OTE staffers have gone through the roof as wisconsin has proven to be much better than expected but Minnesota hasn’t lost to wisconsin in a sport anyone cares about since last winter. It’s a beautiful thing.

beezer07: I fully believe Wisconsin’s loss at home to Minnesota is the worst/most embarrassing loss of the season. Wisconsin shot its way to like 13 points in the first half, against a team that got stomped so hard by a garbage Illinois team that they were demoted to Division 2.

Winning in that garbage ass arena with that “hilarious” death trap of a floor is always tough, and this will be a challenging game for Wisconsin, as is every road game in the B1G, but Minnesota is not the type of team this year’s Wisconsin should get season swept by. It’d be super frustrating to see Wisconsin kept from the 3 line as a result of two garbage losses to a team that basically only has one player, and all he does is rebound and commit fouls.

Wisconsin has been hot lately, finally figuring out that a team that shoots 40% from 3 should take wayyyyy more 3s than Wisconsin has been taking. And Wisconsin has been probably the best 2nd-half defensive team in the country over the past month.

The biggest upside of a Wisconsin loss in this game is that it helps Minnesota likely keep another of their mediocre-as-hell major sport coaches for another season.

Wisconsin wins this one by 17.

WSR: There isn’t really any downside to the game, other than the continued existence of wisconsin fans.

Their shitass team led their future Greek league all-star, Italian soccer PG and a bunch of scrubs that’ll be selling insurance with Greg Gard in a couple years will either come in and hasten the arrival of either Eric Musselman or Ryan Saunders, or they’ll play to their level and get the shit kicked out of them because they won’t get Kohl Center calls at The Barn.

In a perfect world, they’re motivated by NC State’s offensive performance over the weekend and go out there to show the world that nobody plays terrible offensive basketball like the badgers and try to get single digits in both halves while running a plodding ball control offense that’ll somehow have their KenPom numbers go up.

Fuck wisconsin.

beez: I give that a 8/10. The insurance line worked better in the midst of the losing streak.


Can Minnesota complete the revenue sweep of wisconsin?

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  • 56%
    This is the darkest timeline
    (44 votes)
  • 43%
    I am a Minnesota fan totally unequipped for handling this success
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Penn State (8-14, 1-10) at Ohio State (14-7, 4-6)

6pm | ESPN

You are not watching this game.


can this just a a wrestling meet instead

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  • 74%
    ohio state wins
    (64 votes)
  • 25%
    penn state on a winning streak
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#20 Iowa (17-5, 6-5) at Indiana (13-9, 4-7)

8pm | ESPN

Stewmonkey13: I was feeling pretty good about the the chances if stealing a game at Assembly Hall the last couple of weeks, and really good Friday night. But then Saturday happened and I have no idea what’s going to happen.

Iowa’s recipe is pretty simple, get to the line, get their bigs in foul trouble, and then open the outside shooting once double teams come. Then hope like hell they turn the ball over and can’t shoot. I think that’s a pretty good plan against the Hoosiers, but then who saw them beating MSU.


Remember when these two had a game postponed because Assembly Hall was falling apart?

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  • 46%
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Here’s your open thread for the week’s shootyhoops. Don’t burn the place down.