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2019 Big Ten Tournament Pick’Em: Picks Charts!

WOO!!! Who doesn’t love charts?

All you lovely* people really outdid yourselves and did a fantastic** job filling out the Big Ten Tournament Pick’Em form. Grape Job!

Well, that form spit out all the responses in fancy graphs, and I just couldn’t let those go to waste. So, let’s take a look at how all you fine folks*** think this tourney is going to play out.

Wednesday Games:

Game 1: Nebraska Hornhuskers 68, rutger Scarlet Knights 61

50% of you are already wrong. Seems light.

An almost perfect 50/50 split on a game that was close until the UNL decided to go on a 15-0 run. Not bad, but still, 50% wrong on the first game.

Game 2: Northwestern Wildcats 69 (Nice), Illinois Fighting Illini 74

This overtime thriller**** proved most most of you right!

Thursday Games

Game 3: Indiana Hoosiers 75, Ohio State Buckeyes 79

Kaleb Wesson was back and just took it to Indiana. But Indiana had looked halfway competent the last couple of weeks. Most of you probably picked Indiana not knowing the status of Wesson, and because Indiana has work to do to get in the tourney. Sucks to suck.

Game 4: Nebraska Cornhuskers 69 (Nice), Maryland Terrapins 61


Game 5: Penn State Nittany Lions 72, Minnesota Golden Gophers 77

Stupid overtime game pushing the start of the Iowa game to almost 9, gtz. I have 3 small children, one of which is a 3 month old, and I had a 6 am meeting with folks in India, dammit! I, of course, blame Minnesota.

Game 6: Illinois Fighting Illini 62, Iowa Hawkeyes 83

Woah, I did not see that coming. I was all ready to mock the 63.6% of you, but here I am, just happy Iowa played well.

Friday Games:

Game 7: Ohio State Buckeyes vs. Michigan State Spartans

With can Wesson take advantage of Nick Ward coming back from inury?

Game 8: Nebraska Cornhuskers vs. wisconsin badgers

Boy, this is awkward. Also, fuck wisconsin.

Game 9: Minnesota Golden Gophers vs. Purdue Boilermakers

Lot of chalk so far, but I think Purdue gets revenge, here.

Game 10: Iowa Hawkeyes vs. Michigan Wolverines

Yeah, I think this is probably right. Though, if this were turned into gambling odds, it’d be a smart bet to take Iowa, I think. 10-1 odds? Yeah, that’s definitely worth a flier.

Saturday Games:

Game 11: Semi Final #1

I think Ohio State might be a tougher matchup than anyone else they’ll play in this round (UNL or wisconsin).

Game 12: Semi Final #2

Michigan vs. Purdue would be fun again.


Game 13: The Grande Finale!

This distribution seems about right. Oh, you want to know the exact, tiny percent your favorite team got? Ugh, ok.

In order:

  1. MSU: 35.4%
  2. Michigan: 28.8%
  3. Purdue: 16.5%
  4. Indiana: 5.1%
  5. wisconsin: 4.7%
  6. Maryland: 4.1%
  7. Penn State: 1.6%
  8. Ohio State, Minnesota, Iowa, UNL, Illinois, and jNW all tied at 0.6%

rutger received not votes.