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2019 NCAA Tournament Bracket Challenge

Pride! Bragging rights! The chance to make everyone read a crappy editorial of your writing! Come pick the NCAA Tournament with your Big Ten friends at Off Tackle Empire.

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-East Regional-Villanova vs Texas Tech Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

Hi! You might notice the NCAA Tournament begins with the First Four in Dayton on Tuesday, and with the real games that actually matter across the country on Thursday morning. That’s exciting!

In the meantime, custom dictates the establishment of a “bracket challenge” where you humiliate yourself by inaccurately choosing the winners of various college basketball games. We at Off Tackle Empire relish in that performative rigamarole. Please join us over at the ESPN Tournament Challenge, if you would like.

Link: Click here!
Name: Off Tackle Empire
Group ID: 3088627
Password: sherman
I didn’t catch that link: Click here, you moron.
How many brackets? 2, max, per person.

As we did for the Big Ten Tournament (and will announce soon), the winner of the OTE NCAA Tournament Bracket Challenge will win a banner announcing their triumph and the opportunity to publish a front-paged Fanpost of their choosing, providing it meets editorial standards. Be sure to register with a name identifiable by us (preferably your SBNation username) so we can identify and contact you!

So come! Join! Enjoy! Thanks for making OTE your home for all things Big Ten.