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Paul Chryst, Brian Kelly, Nick Saban, Brady Hoke and Joe Paterno are Cheating-Ass Cheaters

And so is Pat Fitzgerald?!

Miami v Pittsburgh
Apprehended by the F Police for cheating

Oh boy does Off Talke Empire ever return with a vengeance!

We take this premise and assume it’s already litigated, all those wins are vacated and all those coaches and the coaches that benefited from their actions are CHEATIN’-ASS CHEATERS! That means you, Harbaugh and Franklin!

But what is the impact on the history of our beloved game if we scrub all these victories from the history books? Future generations will never know that Penn State beat 2011 Indiana by a score of 16-10!

Stay tuned to hear us fumble through some NFL draft discussion, such as: WHAT IF THE 1983 DRAFT HAPPENED AGAIN, BUT IN THE 1992 DRAFT’S ORDER?

More relevantly, who’s going to get shut out of the draft?