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Ohio beats Michigan once again! Beilein leaves Ann Arbor for Cleveland

The Wolverines lose, this Cleveland? Dark times in Ann Arbor are here again!

NCAA Basketball Tournament - West Regional - Anaheim Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

Wait...what the hell?

It’s common news by now that Michigan Wolverines head basketball coach John Beilein is leaving the program to go... Cleveland?

Dear God. It’s true.

Andrew Kraszewski: I uh wow what the fuck. You want to talk about left field?

How is THAT the best NBA job Beilein was offered? Was it just everyone else assumed he wouldn’t come and didn’t bother shooting the shot?

I look forward to later this week when Harbz leaves Michigan to coach in the XFL. Because, to be clear, that’s the approximate equivalent of Beilein leaving what he has now to work for Dan Gilbert.

Creighton M: So there’s a scandal coming, right?

WSR: Maybe. But I can understand a coach going to the NBA much easier than I could the NFL.

With a couple very obvious exceptions the players aren’t assholes. Just eclectic/crazy. And the media and fans aren’t fucking idiots like the Shield followers.

Thumpasaurus: Every Michigan fan ever is gonna be upset next March.

WSR: I’ve known two types of Michigan basketball in my life outside the Beilein era (we think...): “Mediocre-to-crap” or “Cheating their asses off.” I really hope we can get back to one of those constants.

Creighton M: I would prefer the program to be extremely dirty so the fans will spend a dumb amount of time accusing Tom Izzo of being dirtier.

DJ Carver: Who do they go after to replace him?

Stewmonkey13: Tim Miles is available.

DJ Carver: They have to hit a home run hire or they’re not in a good place. Three players going to the NBA early and a head coach leaving.

Let us know your thoughts: Who should Michigan get to replace Beilein? Is there a scandal coming? How many Michigan fans will actually notice that Beilein is gone?