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B1G 2019 //The Rutgers Experience via Memes

Being a Rutgers Football fan. In Meme.

Memes are tools by which the human condition and experience can be shared in a typically humorous fashion. In this special article for Rutgers Week, I bring to you a reflection of the Rutgers experience in meme format. Because why write when you can meme?

Happy Day 4 of Rutgers Week!

The Memes

1. That looming Liberty game...

2. We get this a lot...

3. There was a moment in last season’s Penn State game where it seemed Rutgers had a chance...

4. How’s our QB situation?

5. Coach Ash’s standing with much of the fanbase.

6. A great plan.

7. Some of our sports are getting there...

8. The anticipation is killing me...

9. A true Rutgers fan.

10. It’s in our nature? (Meme credit: Modified from Varun Uchil)


12. They did Gio dirty.

13. More QB Meme-ing.

14. At least we’re cute.

15. Okay cool. Upstream.

16. Oh god... Oh no...

17. Was it worth it?

18. Priorities.

Have any memes of your own to share? Either Rutgers, your team, or Big Ten in general? Put them in the comments below!