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Big Ten Win Totals Released; Here’s How We Pick ‘Em

Bovada (Boilerman note: Actually, 5Dimes but Bovada has them up as well) gave us their win totals and odds for Big Ten teams today. Here’s who you should be mashing the buttons on.

Royal Ascot 2019 - Day One Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Bovada’s released the season win totals and odds for each Big Ten school (and then some!), and that means it’s time to get the degenerates’ takes on what they should be betting.

Thanks to Boilerman31 on doing the legwork of compiling all these for us:

Big Ten Totals, 2019 (Lines from 5Dimes)

Illinois Fighting Illini: Over 3 -190, Under +150
Indiana Hoosiers: Over 6 -140, Under +100 (even money)
Iowa Hawkeyes: Over 7.5 -190, Under +150
Maryland Terrapins: Over 4.5 -120, Under -120
Michigan Wolverines: Over 9.5 -175, Under +155
Michigan State Spartans: Over 7.5 -105, Under -115
Minnesota Golden Gophers: Over 6.5 -210, Under +160
Nebraska Cornhuskers: Over 8 -120, Under +100
Northwestern Wildcats: Over 6.5 -140, Under +100
Ohio State Buckeyes: Over 10 -110, Under -110
Penn State Nittany Lions: Over 8.5 -170, Under +150
Purdue Boilermakers: Over 7.5 +110, Under -150
LOL @ rutger: NO LINE
wisconsin badgers: Over 8.5 -130, Under +110

In our infinite generosity, we will give you the chance to place your bets for each team’s win totals in 2019, with some advice and our help.

Team Picks


Thumpasaurus: I will absolutely hammer the over for Illinois. If it were 3.5 this would be really difficult, but I see 3 wins as the absolute floor for this team so it’s almost like insurance to be able to fall back on a push. Essentially this boils down to “will they win at least 3 of Akron, UConn, EMU and buttger?” If they lose two of those, Lovie should be fired at the postgame presser for the second loss.

Boilerman31: Illinois over 3 -190. That OOC is just too stupid easy, even for Lovie. Add in a home game against rutgres and 3 wins should be reasonable for at least a push.


Candystripes for Breakfast: Seriously, how is Indiana not 5.5? It’s the easiest play ever to set us at 5.5. Particularly if this is just regular season wins.

Thump: I’m also pretty high on Indiana under 6 because if this is regular season wins, Indiana’s a lock for no more than six. I wouldn’t touch 5.5, but this is a pretty safe bet.




Boilerman31: Michigan under 9.5 +155. This is more of a value play to me. The OOC is what it is. If the Fightin’ Harbaughs get the win over Notre Dame, I’m sweating a little bit. However, I do not like their road schedule with games at Wisconsin and Penn State and of course Ohio State waiting at the end of the season.

Michigan State

Stay tuned to B1G 2019 for our Michigan State picks this afternoon!


Boilerman31: Too much juice on the over but I’d go over with that schedule.


BrianB2: Just way, way under.


Thump: Hate to say it, but I think Northwestern over 6.5 is free money. I’m definitely placing a bet here because I win either way.

Boilerman31: Over 6.5 -140. This screams over which scares me because it should be a public side.

Ohio State

Penn State


Boilerman31: Over 7.5 +110. Homer bet. Pure and simple.


Ray Ransom: wait wtf why does Rutgers have no line

Also Boilerman31 don’t forget the s please. That’s a Revolutionary War hero you’re typing about with your cheeto covered corn hands.

Boilerman31: Beat someone other than Texas State and we’ll talk.

BrianB2: Still under.


beezer07: If I’m actually being savvy/not throwing away money on everything, I’m going with Iowa, MSU under; Minnesota, Maryland over.

I was going to make polls, but I’m too lazy. Give us your picks in the comments!