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Big Ten Misses Opportunity, Doesn’t Have Reality Show to Choose New Commissioner

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Sometimes you have to wonder about these people.

100th Rose Bowl Game Press Conference Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

As most of you know, B1g Jim Delany is stepping down as the commissioner of our beloved conference next year. According to this article from the Chicago Tribune, the conference will announce the new jefe at 11 A.M. tomorrow. Apparently sources are saying it will be Northwestern athletic director Jim Phillips.

While I am sure the guy is qualified, my gut is telling me that the conference decision makers are picking him simply because his name is also Jim and they lack creativity.

In reality, I am sure he is a fine choice and will do a great job. Luckily, we don’t live in reality around here. So what I want to talk about are some crazy ideas that I would like to see happen to the conference under the new regime.

  1. A relegation deal with the MAC in multiple sports. Because college sports teams are vastly different year to year, the logistics of figuring out exactly which teams should be dropped and which teams elevated will be difficult. The new boss will have to figure that out, not my problem.
  2. Shorter football games.
  3. More reality shows. Everything in major college sports is becoming too commercialized, and thus more watered down. Social media has broken down boundaries. People want to be in on the decision. The Big Ten needs a new commish? We want to be in on the conference call to make the decision, or at least be able to judge and make jokes. This secretive stuff where people know the answer but we don’t for days doesn’t work for me.

I could probably come up with about 150 more ridiculous ideas, but I am going to let our faithful comments section do that.

The question is not who you would choose to be commissioner, but if you could command the new commissioner to make one change, what would that change be? Realistic ideas welcomed, crazy ideas preferred.