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Fourth of July Mailbag Call!

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It’s time to let that America’ing intensify!

What? I know of at least one B1G team that’s played Air Force.
Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

Hello friends! If there’s one thing that brings everyone in the B1G together, it’s ranch dressing mayo alcohol high fructose corn syrup the oxford comma passive aggression wait wait wait...

It’s (insert eagle screech here) being American! And nothing is more American than either the 4th of July or asking others their thoughts or opinions and then complaining about the answers we get. With that in mind, we decided to combine the two into one! So give us your best Mailbag questions, either here or @offtackleempire on Twitter!

What should we be grilling? Which sides are the best (or more importantly, easiest)? Which firecrackers are most efficient for blasting off fingers? What are the best cocktails to make to sip while waiting for the ambulance to take us to get our fingers reattached? Nothing is a demilitarized zone here, and you’re free to ask us whatever you’d like.

Again: Give us your best Mailbag questions, either here or @offtackleempire on Twitter!



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