Apparently, We Don't Hate You Maryland

It looks like nobody else hated you enough to care to even write a hate piece today.

And why should they? In your grand introduction to conference play, you have spoiled the hopes and dreams of pretty much nobody. Sure, your uniforms are an abomination before the Lord (Baltimore) and you have an unhealthy relationship with a seasoning, but aside from what was a fun trifecta for the rest of us in your first season in conference (beating Iowa, Penn State, and Michigan... I mean, that shit is better than snorting Viagra for most of us), you just haven't sustained enough success to really piss anybody off, yet. The handshake thing with Penn State was fantastic, but that just died out way too quickly. You also haven't quite been bad enough to be despised for your ineptitude (Rutgers / Illinois), and you've even beaten Texas, so we can't get angry with you for lowering the reputation of the conference.

So, you're kinda there... probably the same way that the rest of the ACC felt about you.

Basketball? Well... you're not bad, but it's not like you've dethroned any of the powers-that-be in the conference. Michigan State, Michigan, Purdue, and mostly Wisconsin (until recently) have been able to manage you during B1G conference play and still preserve their elite standing in the conference. Yeah, you are kinda one of those six+ seed teams that wins a few, loses a few against other tournament hopefuls (the occasional Buckeye, Hoosier, Minnesota, etc.), but it's no biggee, at least nothing that other teams in the conference really sweat about.

Lacrosse? Eh... I guess you knocked out our lady 'Cats in the final four this year (after losing in the B1G title game), but that doesn't quite sting all that much. Maybe you're starting to get a bit of a rivalry with PSU and Rutgers in Men's LAX, but not enough people seem to care about the sport to get too riled up.

I can't even hate on your mascot. Testudo is adorable; probably my favorite mascot in the B1G outside of Willie and the one that I'm pretty sure all four of my nieces would like to hug.

So... I guess happy meh day, Maryland? Maybe put some work this year into really pissing somebody off.

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