Oh, Good God! Fine, We’ll Hate Maryland

Rob Carr/Getty Images

As fans of Rutgers, we’ve grown accustomed to the ire of our B1G brethren. The insults wash over us, and we dry ourselves using the sweet, sweet lucre of Delanybucks. Quick question: do these automatically convert to Warrenbucks?

Anyway, many better teams -- and some worse teams, based on the last few weeks – are hated, loathed, despised, excoriated, upbraided, abhorred, detested, non-affected, disliked, execrated, abominated…you get the idea. Murilyn? Not so much. Someone has to step up and hate you. You’re welcome.

As conference newbie twins, Rutgers and Maryland are forever tied together. See that? You’re "forever tied together" with Rutgers.

But, in reality, you’re not. Rutgers is derided and Maryland is

No period to that sentence. People squint and scrunch their nose a little, think a little bit, shrug, and move on.

Rutgers, and the current American administration, are living proof of P.T. Barnum’s saying, "There’s no such thing as bad publicity." Unfortunately, the entire Maryland publicity budget was invested in your flag – an empty suit, if you will. The flag promises pizzazz, outlandishness, and above all, loud! Behind the flag, a turtle waddles ever so slowly toward you. Two, maybe three steps into this vision, your mind wanders off to something, anything else – dinner, maybe? The need to check Twitter? Why did we let these guys into the conference, and how is Rutgers so bad and hasn’t been kicked out yet?


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