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Who would win a 2019 ACC/Big Ten Challenge

I don’t see how it’ll even be close.

NCAA Basketball: Indiana at Michigan State
Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

The 2019 ACC-Big Ten Challenge schedule is out! I don’t know about you, but...I don’t like our chances.

Let’s run it, game by game:

Michigan Wolverines at Louisville Cardinals

Frankly, this is one the Big Ten should be able to sneak out. It’s on the road, sure, and Michigan’s coach has yet to do shit of note in his illustrious career, but it’s against a rebuilding program in Louisville. B1G, 1-0.

Virginia Cavaliers at Purdue Boilermakers

A chance for revenge! The Hoos haven’t been great against teams from Indiana, though, and this one’s on the Boilers’ home turf. UVA will play some physical defense, much in keeping with their coach’s identity, but I think the Boilers have the athletes to get through this one. B1G, 2-0.

Duke Blue Devils at Michigan State Spartans

Two coaches who have been around the block once or twice. It’s been a while since the Blue Devils have lost to a Big Ten team—either on the road or in their sweltering home confines—but I like the Spartans’ defense in this one. Duke lost a Giant playmaker in the offseason, and it’ll be tough for them to make it up against a more consistent program. B1G, 3-0.

wisconsin badgers at N.C. State Wolfpack

It’s not often a coach gets to play host to the program that put him on the map, but we should have a good one here. As usual, you’ll watch the wisconsin defense try to grind something ugly out on the road—but it’ll be weird to watch them rely on a 5* running the show. B1G, 4-0.

Miami-Florida Hurricanes at Illinois Fighting Illini

Even at home, I don’t like the Illinois defense in this one. How many years left can this coach have? You’d want to see results in Year Four, but the team has yet to match his image and the style he promised to bring to town. B1G, 4-1.

Iowa Hawkeyes at Syracuse Orange

Talk about a game on contrasting styles. One team wants to go, go, go, and scatters gifted athletes across five positions, another relies on five big uglies to grind you into the ground. This game will be played in the Carrier Dome. B1G, 4-2.

Florida State Seminoles at Indiana Hoosiers

Just a couple years ago, who would have predicted that this would be a defensive standoff? Long since removed from its age of athletes and offense, Indiana has settled into its role as a defensive team that isn’t afraid to grind games out.

And you know what? Against Florida State, I think they’d have a shot. B1G, 5-2.

Nebraska Cornhuskers at Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets

Man, the Huskers’ legal troubles and what I’d sure is the struggle to find a new identity will have them struggling in this one. But consider this game a litmus test—it’s not every day an ACC team can just get the Huskers to talk into town, and it’s a chance for the Jackets to impose their defensive identity on a disciplined defense with a fiery coach. B1G, 5-3

Notre Dame Fighting Irish at Maryland Terrapins

It’s a little bit of a bummer that the Irish won’t walk into a more intimidating atmosphere, to be honest. I’d love to see their coach stomping and snorting his way up and down a sideline with a really raucous home atmosphere giving him the business. I think the Terps can make a game out of this, but I’ve just got no confidence their coach will actually do anything with his talent.

Y’know, like he never has. B1G, 5-4.

Northwestern Wildcats at Boston College Eagles

Yawn. The only storyline in this boring-ass game, played in front of a couple thousand fans in a major metropolitan dump, will be their two meathead coaches stomping up and down on the sideline getting all purple-faced and watching their teams play shitty. Plus, has Northwestern ever gotten a win of note against an ACC team? Tie, 5-5.

Ohio State Buckeyes at North Carolina Tar Heels

Here’s a real stunner! The Buckeyes’ coach certainly doesn’t have the years under his belt that his counterpart has, and you’ve got a substantial talent advantage on the opposite sideline, too. ACC, 6-5.

Wake Forest Demon Deacons at Penn State Nittany Lions

Y’know, for all the talk of the Penn State offense all these years, it’s been their length and athleticism on defense that’s really impressed me. Surely, they’ve tended to have a couple playmakers who like the ball in their hands, but this one’s not a home run. ACC, 7-5.

Clemson Tigers at Minnesota Golden Gophers

No idea how the hell the Gophers got the national fucking champions to come to Minneapolis, but there you go. ACC, 8-5.

Rutgers Scarlet Knights at Pittsburgh Panthers

One has talent. The other is Rutgers. See? Works no matter what sport it is. ACC, 9-5.