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Did Ohio State Rid It’self of Urban Blight, or are Dark Days Ahead?

Football season is around the corner, get ready to talk about an ex coach, a lot

NCAA Football: Rose Bowl Game-Ohio State vs Washington Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

Football season is around the corner. Mere weeks away before we enter into full on coverage. A reoccurring story line this year will be Ohio State and the departure of Urban Meyer. I know many of you dream about a world where you never have to hear his name again.

That isn’t going to happen this season.

You are going to hear (and read) his name quite often. If OSU wins in a blowout, did they win by enough? Was coach Day more impressive because he did it the “right” way? Is OSU in trouble if they only beat an opponent by 3 scores? Lord have mercy when OSU loses. Several hundred thousand bloggers will develop carpal tunnel. Is the US healthcare system ready for that? Oh, crap, I need to focus.

We are talking about football. More specifically, we are talking about Ohio State football. Most specifically, we are talking about how OSU will do without Urban Meyer. Starting tonight, I am going to “write” a Sunday evening post where I ask questions. A recurring question all season will be the status of OSU without Meyer. No matter what happens Saturday, Sunday radio and television will be filled with the chatter. I, for one, will be here for the drama. In my real life, I will pretend to be above all the trash talk on both sides. I will pretend to just care about the final score, but I will secretly be injecting all of the speculation into my veins.

Of course Urban did a great job at OSU, but at what cost? Of course the new coach will have his ups and downs. Is he the answer? One year wont tell. What is certain is many people will throw out their opinion, week after week, and because we love you all, we will give you the forum to throw your 2 cents in.

Generally I will do a poll, but this simple question needs settled in the comments.

Would Ohio State be better off if Urban Meyer never coached a game for them?

On the one hand, there would be one less national championship, probably. Plenty of coaches have won at OSU.

On the other, there were a few scandals, and he is already gone.

I have my opinion, what is yours?