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Get Ready for PSU - Mailbag Request

Get Yer Burning Nittany Lions Questions In Now

NCAA Football: Penn State Blue-White Game Matthew O’Haren-USA TODAY Sports

It’s that time again...

Penn State Week looms over the B1G. The shadow of Mount Nittany falls threateningly over the heartland. Turtles tuck their heads. Badgers seek their holes. Rust forms on the crotch of the knights.

So...whaddya want to know?

Want to know how bad it sucks, watching the talents of our best running back ever squandered by the New York Giants?

Or maybe you want to know how it feels to watch our beloved College Diner demo’d...

Or how about the emergence of giant sky scrapers in a town who’s skyline was once dominated by elm trees and Old Main?

Or maybe you want to know why we don’t plan a white out for your team...

Whatever. You ask and we’ll answer. Haughtily. Because that’s what Trace McSorley would want us to do.

Drop your questions in the comments and your intrepid Lion writers will do our best to shuck and jive our way around them.

Your Friend,