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Fullback Is More B1G Than Punter

Don’t at me.

Carolina Panthers v Tampa Bay Buccaneers Photo by Don Juan Moore/Getty Images

I found Off Tackle Empire later in life, and was ok with the whole concept that punter is the epitome of the Big Ten. I recently read a story from one of our esteemed “writers” about the legendary Reggie Roby, one of my favorites from another B1G team. One of my favorite Buckeyes is Tom Tupa. While he was a full time punter in the NFL, he moonlighted as a starting quarterback from time to time. B1G.

However, tonight after downing my share of Jesus Juice, I decided that fullback is much more the quintessential B1G position. Antiquated yet dependable but kinda fat. I know that is not every single fan of a Big Ten team, but it touches a lot of bases. True story, I can name many more fullbacks of years gone by than punters, and I can name a lot of punters.

A while back I did a story of the Hebrew Hammer of Wisconsin fame. I remember Mike Alstott’s time at Purdue as much as I remember Drew Brees. Deep down inside, I know you remember all these great full backs, too.

On the Buckeye side, I grew up in the 80s, when we watched Pete Johnson rumble 1.5 yards for a TD, much like he did for Ohio State in the 70s. One of the best Ohio State running backs ever (and my personal favorite) Keith Byars found his success at the NFL level as a Full Back. On the flip side, we were blesses with full back Scottie Graham who found success with the Minnesota Vikings running the football. On the negative, Leroy Hoard.

Long before Urban Meyer became the center of our universe, the full back position was.

Since it’s the off season, and we don’t have much to talk about, let’s talk about the greatest full backs in B1G history, and for our favorite team.

My personal pick is Pete Johnson for the Buckeyes and Mike Alstott for the conference. Pretty basic and low controversy, if you want my humble opinion. Unless you want to start adding players from schools prior to their Big Ten admission. Penn State (and Nebraska), I am looking at you!