B1G Butt Trophy 2: Electric Buttaloo

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Welcome to this year's preview of the Chris Ass Memorial B1G Butt Trophy, the B1G's only rivalry trophy up for grabs for each of the conference's 14 teams.

Recent History: Last year, we introduced the B1G Butt Trophy, and we asked, Is Buttgers really Buttgers? By using our non-proprietary method of awarding the mark of shame to the loser of the first B1G game (10/17/1896 Minnesota 14 Buttermakers 0), and passing the Butt onto whichever team sucked enough to lose to the successive Butt holder, we found that Buttgers was indeed Buttgers.

Buttgers earned their latest trophy reign by losing to Illinois, 38-17 on 10/6/2018. The 21 point victory was the Illini's second highest margin of the whole season, topped only by their win against Western Illinois Minnesota lol.

Since that passing of the Butt, Buttgers went on to lose against Maryland, Northwestern, Wisconsin, Michigan, Penn State, and Michigan State, a whopping 6 Buttfenses in one season, and bringing their grand total to 21 games as the B1G Butt Holder.

2019 Season Outlook: There are several opportunities for this turd to be passed, including the key stretch of Maryland, at Indiana, Minnesota, and at Illinois. Can Locksley grab that Butt in his first season? Is the Butt too B1G for Fleck to Row? We all are bouncing with anticipation.


Ceremonial Passing of the Butt

As you'll see below, Buttgers could pass several teams for all time trophy reigns. If Iowa gets upended in September, though, Michigan and Penn State had better stay clenched.

B1G Butt Trophy Team Totals:

InButtana Poosiers 142

NorthAsstern WildButts 129

Buttnoise Wiping Illini 107

PurPoo Buttermakers 91

Buttesota Holdin' Loafers 73

buttsconsin 58

IowAss HawkButts 56

Shitcago Buttoons 29

MichiButt State Fartans 25

OButto State Butteyes 25

MichiButt Holeverines 22

Buttgers Scarlet Knighty Whities 21

Butt State Shittany Lions 2

Hairyland TerraButts 1

NeButtska ButtHuskers 0

Stains and Streaks:

1982-84 Buttesota had an 18 game long brown streak.

10/17/2009 Purdue 26 OButto State 18, HARBOR

Shitcago quit the B1G after holding the Butt 21 total times in their last 10 years. Buttgers is at 21 and counting in their first 5 years.

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