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Purdue Boilermakers Closing Arguments: 2019 Season Predictions

Big Ten Football Media Days

It’s almost time for football season to start. On Friday one week from today, Purdue will be in Nevada playing football. And people actually care about that now. What a time to be alive.

Case History

2018 was a roller coaster year for the Boilermakers. Some bad losses followed by that magical night under the lights beating Ohio State. A 6-6 record was good enough for the Motor City Bowl and then I forgot what happened in that game. After the final regular season game, Purdue won a bidding war with Louisville and kept Jeff Brohm around to coach.

Opening Statement

Purdue is a decent football team that is fun to watch. Rondale Moore is the most exciting player to watch in college football. The defense isn’t great, but the defensive coordinator is fun to watch. People are actually showing up to watch the games.

The Big Ten West is wide open this year, is it wide enough for a train to get through?


Here’s some things that we wrote about Purdue during this offseason.

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2019 Purdue Football Schedule

Date Team
Date Team
August 30 at Nevada
September 7 Vanderbilt
September 14 TCU
September 28 Minnesota
October 5 at Penn State
October 12 Maryland
October 19 at Iowa
October 26 Illinois
November 2 Nebraska
November 9 at Northwestern
November 23 at Wisconsin
November 30 Indiana

Closing Statement

Purdue football is in a good place, like that one TV Show. What is that show called again? Oh yeah, The Grinder. Anyway, let’s say that Purdue has a good season and wins nine games. Would that be enough to win the West? Maybe. I don’t think Purdue will win nine games, but seven sure seems reasonable. A seven win season, with some fun games to watch? I will take it.


It’s a pretty tight range of predictions from the OTE writers, with 6-6 being the low prediction and 9-3 being the high one. I was one of the 6-6 guys since I think I am still a college football pessimist.

OTE Final Verdict: 7-5 (5-4)



Purdue’s record in 2019 will be

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