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2019 OTE ATS Picks Competition - Week 1

Think you’re a sharp? Time to prove it

Like Vegas but without the booze and hookers!

Greetings Fellow Degenerates! Welcome again to another season of hope, promise, and further proof that we all suck at picking games against the spread!

From a betting perspective, pretty much all of us sucked. Now, with the legalization of sports betting across the land, it’s time to hone those skills and play for bragging rights amongst your fellow OTE’rs.

Since this was so lovingly thrown to me in the Fanshots, I’ve decided to make things simple. Each week, I’ll publish a Google Form where you can enter your picks. Each game must be picked unlike real life where you can avoid games like the plague (stares at the 36 point spread for Nebraska - South Alabama). I’ll set the line as published by the Westgate Superbook.

It’s really that simple. Each bet is 110 Delaney Dollars to win 100 to make sure the vig is properly accounted for.

(I won’t be providing any witty analysis with this as I’m a ‘writer’ and will publish that with the normal picks your loving staff does each week.)

Best of luck to all! Unless you pick against me, then your team can die in a fire.

Please note, there is a Thursday night game this week! Any picks posted past kickoff count as losses. We’ve gotta have some sense of integrity around here, right?

Enter Your Picks Here!

In my infinite mercy, below is a link to view the spreadsheet with a tab to query picks should you so wish.

Check Out Yours and Others Picks Here