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MAILBAG CALL: Ask what you’d like of the Big Ten West Champions, Northwestern!

This is actually kind of our “helping underserved populations” portion of Northwestern Week, so all you peasants can feel free to throw us your questions.

Big Ten Championship - Northwestern v Ohio State Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Let’s just cut to the chase: You still don’t understand how our Northwestern Wildcats won the Big Ten West and went, for three quarters, blow for blow with the titans of the Big Ten East. How could some crap team win some crap division? And are phones really the reason no one goes to their games?

Right now I’ve only got an answer for the first one. Here you go:

As for the rest, whether you’d like to know just how much I screamed and acted the fool when Bennett Skowronek made that catch, or where LPW recommends tailgating at NU games, or why Isaiah Bowser will likely commit acts of violence on some poor linebacker in the gap in 2019, or lots of unsolicited opinions on Italian food, we are the writers to help you.

Ask us your questions! I dare you.