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Will Northwestern Wildcats Football Wake Up Before September Ends? // B1G 2019: Podcast Edition

NCAA Football: Akron at Northwestern
Summer has come and gone / How did we lose to Akron? / Wake me up when September ends
Quinn Harris-USA TODAY Sports

It’s pretty late in the summer to be talking about the Northwestern Wildcats, but here we are anyway.

We really did try to talk about Northwestern for as long as possible, but even after filling time with an extended riff on Paul Chryst in a discussion of whether Iowa or Wisconsin would come out of the gate with the division lead, we still only had sixteen minutes of content.

The last 4 minutes, therefore, is just trying to explain why it is that we can never find anything interesting to say about them.

Northwestern has two conference games in September this year, which means they’re screwed in the division race.

You bet your ass we used Green Day.