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Stew’s Accurate Rating System: Week 2

Wait, what? No.

New Mexico State v Alabama
Isn’t fun just the worst?
Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Quick note before the ratings. Still no strength of schedule factored in besides FCS team. I’ll likely get those in next week after every team has played 2 games, and another week or two after that before we’ve got the whole formula going.

Rankings and Ratings:

B1G Thoughts:

Well fuck me running. Fuck wisconsin.

  • Ohio State, Iowa, and Michigan State were all clustered a bit last week, and all destroyed their opponents this week, so now their clustered a bit higher.
  • Illinois escaped a trip to Stores, CT. If only this were basketball in the early 2000’s. Still, they’ve got 2 wins and pretty healthy MoV against FBS competition, and with no strength of schedule for FBS teams, yet, this is where we go.
  • Maryland doing a lot to overcome that FCS anchor. Highest rated team to play an FCS team. Their MoV would count as the 3rd most points scored so far this season (behind Maryland’s actual output, and just behind PSU).
  • And Penn State, the 2nd highest rated team to have played an FCS opponent.
  • Right now, 20 feels about right for Michigan.
  • Indiana, a top 40 team! Congrats! Really, though, every undefeated team below North Carolina Tarheels has played an FCS team.
  • Purdue had a great bounce back this week, rising 26 spots.
  • LOL UNL, love my Buffs! But really, still a top 50 team, a still positive MoV. Not going to the playoffs, but only 2/3rds of the fanbase and local media thought that, anyways.
  • I don’t want to talk about rutger.
  • Minnesota is the lowest rated 2 win team. Congrats.
  • jNW hasn’t won a game, not sure what you expect.

Other Thoughts:

  • Lotta helmet names already rising to the top.
  • Clay Helton really trying to save his job with Urbz lurking right there.
  • In the early 00’s version of NCAA Football, SMU always seemed to rise to the top over a couple years of dynasty play. Always thought some programmer must have been an alumnus. Anyway, here they are, top 15!
  • Once SoS gets factored in Auburn is gonna rise really quickly.
  • Oregon is the highest rated team with a loss, thanks to an absolute thunderfucking of Nevada.
  • Hey, rutger fans, that UMass win ain’t looking so hot.


  • Tulsa, Oregon, and Georgia Tech were the biggest movers, all jumping up over 50 slots.
  • On the other side, Syracuse, the Chips, the roadrunners, and Bowling Green all too massive hits after getting just destroyed this week. And one of these things is not like the others.