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The Weekly Mailbag Definitely Has a Least-Favorite B1G Stadium.

Most of us answer random questions about B1G football, but Beez came up short.

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His “bucky f*cked your mom” shirt must be in the laundry or something.
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Good morning! It’s a rather bland, grey morning in Minnesota which is rather ominous as we slog forward to a rather bland, grey weekend of college football for the B1G. When your best hopes of an upset are that the UWPD actually cover a WR, it’s not a promising start. On the other hand, Iowa and Purdue could shock everyone and win their games this weekend. Until then, all we can do is go over some absolutely wonderful questions for the week and continue to coast to tomorrow night’s huge BC vs. Kansas showdown.

Don’t you just love Pac After Dark? What’s the latest you’ve ever been up for a live sports event? - Hollywood Hawk Hogan

Thumpasaurus: My all-time winner was a rain-delayed NASCAR race at Daytona in July of 2015. As a Dale Jr fan, I always had to watch superspeedways. I guess TV was constraining them to Saturday night, so they threw the green flag around midnight. Sure enough, around 3 in the morning, Dale Earnhardt Jr took the checkers ahead of a gigantic wreck.

Boilerman: I’m sure I’ve got some recollection of watching Mountain West basketball whilst in Vegas, it’s just a little too fuzzy at this point.

Candystripes: Thanks to having an ESPN+ subscription so I could watch the Indy Eleven, I also discovered the joy that is A-League soccer, broadcast live from Australia and New Zealand. So I’ve definitely been up at 4am Eastern watching Wellington Phoenix games (#COYN). I also sometimes watch the World Series of Poker main event live when they near the final table cut, which also gets pretty early into the morning here, but poker’s debatability as a “sport” means it’s still probably the Phoenix.

MNWildcat: That’s a great and good-looking question! It honestly might’ve been staying up for the end of Hawaii-Oregon State after the Minnesota debacle finished up, now that I think about it. A close second (or maybe first) would be the Northwestern @ Cal game from 2013 when Collin “the Iceman” Ellis returned two interceptions for touchdowns. I was drunk as shit because we started at 9am for a game that didn’t kick off until 9:30pm CT and didn’t end until around 2am. But the 2:30-2:45am bedtime I had last Sunday morning might’ve taken the cake.

WSR: Yes, yes I do love PAC After Dark. It’s a great way to get hyped back up after calming down following your team’s win (assuming they don’t play in California and you don’t get to sleep…) before crashing for the night. The latest I’ve ever been up for a sporting event was an all-nighter. There have been some occasions where I’ve started watching some Aussie Rules Football for a while, and that ended right around the time that soccer (hopefully featuring Manchester United, but occasionally not) was starting its day. The soccer wrapped up just as Gameday was going on, so I just stayed up and watched that followed by a day full of college football. Why? Why the hell not?

Stew: It wasn’t necessary FOR the sports, as I was attempting to work on a project, but in college I spent all night watching world cup cricket with a bunch of Indians and Pakistanis. It was amazing. Also, it’s definitely a different experience to watch that particular rivalry.

Creighton: I’ve stayed up past 4am watching Hawaii games on multiple occasions, but that’s on a Saturday. If you want the latest I’ve stayed up on a work night for sports: There have been multiple triple-OT NHL playoff games that have kept me up until about 3am on like a random Tuesday.

What’s your favorite B1G stadium to see an away game and why? Least favorite? Please advise. - marshalman35

Boilerman: It’s been some time since I’ve been to a B1G road game so I’m certain the atmosphere has changed a little. My favorite was probably Wisconsin. It was 2003 for the Purdue game and it was crazy loud for an early kickoff. My least favorite is Indiana. I’ve not been there since they’ve remodeled but at the time, it felt like a glorified high school stadium.

MNW: Lincoln is the best, as loathe as I am to make BRT or DR feel good about themselves. Everyone was unfailingly polite, even when Nebraska lost or won (won was even worse because it was fucking bullshit just post the gif I hate you all), lots of free beers, park in the Indian Cultural Center and walk over. Such a good time.

Worst? wisconsin. Getting called a “faggot nerd” for the crime of wearing purple (a “gay” color, somehow, in the Year of Our Lord 2015) is not worth it. And I might be going back in a few weeks anyways, because I am an idiot!

If you want the worst for (1) seats, and (2) atmosphere… Indiana was unnecessarily harsh and not anything special, though I’d love to see the remodel. Minnesota is pretty sterile and boring, Illinois is Illinois, and Maryland is steep and hot as shit (tailgating’s good, tho). At least no one gives a shit enough to bother you at Northwestern and Ross-Ade serves beer.

pkloa: Favorite is Ryan Field because it’s in a suburb of Chicago, excellent.

WSR: I don’t want to echo the esteemed purple cat too much, but he’s right about Nebraska being a great place to watch the game and madison being a great place to brush up on your homophobic (and racist and sexist, if we’re being fair) slurs. So in the interest of adding something, I’ll say that my trips to Happy Valley have always been fun. The folks are usually pretty awesome, and it’s a great campus.

Stew: I’m not entirely sure about best, but Madison is certainly the worst. Hope you like beer dumped on you!

Creighton: Worst experience: wisconsin

Most disappointing experience compared to expectations: Michigan

Most pleasantly surprised: Maryland

Which Haribo candy is the best? - pkloa

pkloa: Goldbären. Not that saft crap, the original, put in some effort to chew it deliciousness. Runner-up is Happy Cherries.

Boilerman: Hard to beat the original. My personal favorite though are the Berries.

WSR: Starmints are pretty underrated.

Stew: I believe it was already covered in the article, but ain’t nothing clean you out like the sugar free bears. Please enjoy:

What’s your favorite meaningless win, where it didn’t really matter much in the big picture, but it makes you happy anyway? - travesty

Thumpasaurus: Every Illinois win from 2008 and 2009 fits into this category, doesn’t it? Smashing Michigan both years as we went 5-7 and 3-9 was awfully rewarding, especially in 2009 for the first FBS win of the season on Halloween. And who could forget Jeff Junior hitting Sam Mays in the Illinois round of Hey Everyone, Let’s Embarrass Michigan State we all played in 2016.

Candystripes: 41-0 over Rutgers. Still doesn’t make up for 55-52, but it went a good long way towards that. Though realistically, most IU wins fall into this category, so all of them, I guess?

MNW: It’s a completely recency-biased answer, but last year’s win over Minnesota was pretty damn satisfying. A team that had “nothing to play for” got little-to-nothing against a Gophers team was chesty after making a basic adjustment at DC walked in and reminded Minnesota of how much work they had to do at quarterback to be anything but mediocre.

They’ve come so far.

WSR: 2010 Iowa. How good does it feel to beat one of your rivals when they’re ranked #24 and you’re 2-9 and just playing out the string with an interim coach because you finally fired Tim Brewster? Really really really good.

Stew: I’ve got 2. I’m not sure if people are aware, but a couple years ago Iowa beat the fucking snot out of Ohio State by a score of 55-24. And while it most certainly wasn’t meaningless to OSU, it ended up not really meaning that much to Iowa.

And in 2008 Iowa beat Minnesota 55-0 in the last game of the regular season (WSR note: And the last game in the Metrodome). It was just a perfect and glorious beat down.

Creighton: In 2003 my dad took me to see a game vs a Miami (OH) team that would finish the year 13-1, and I got to see Ben Roethlisberger toss 4 interceptions to Iowa’s defense. That was a lot of fun.

Who are the three Big Ten coaches you’d like to take to a karaoke bar? Also, what do you think their go-to song would be? - boilerup86

Thumpasaurus: Tell me you can’t see Jim Harbaugh being VERY serious about doing “Down with the Sickness,” and being so intense and humorless about it that it’s somehow not fun. oooWA-A-A-AH

Lovie Smith would probably say nothing all night and then surprise everyone with a brilliant performance of “Stand By Me.”

There is absolutely no chance that PJ Fleck wouldn’t sing “My Way,” possibly ad-libbing during the rests to incorporate some life coaching into the lyrics. He would then tip the DJ extra and perform the Sugar Hill Gang’s “Rapper’s Delight” in its entirety, forcing everyone to pay attention to him for fifteen uninterrupted minutes.

Paul Chryst would consider Psychostick’s “#1 Radio Single”

But eventually he’d settle on Alan Jackson’s “Three Minute Positive Not Too Country Uptempo Love Song”

Mark Dantonio’s jam is “Be Prepared” from the Lion King. He walks to the stadium with huge headphones over his ears piping Jeremy Irons straight into his brain. He could sing it without even looking at the screen.

pkloa: Ash, Ferentz, and Dantonio. Kirk is the perfect guy to slightly nod his head along with the music, Mork’s scowl will keep the bar scum away from the table, and while Chris might not actually be ready to leave at 8:30, you know he won’t put up a fight.

Boilerman: I can’t even begin to beat Thump’s answer. That was brilliant.

WSR: All right, if I’m going to the JB VFW to sing some karaoke with a couple B1G coaches, it’s going to be Ferentz, Franklin, and Fleck. I bet Kirk’s got a damn killer rendition of Smoke Gets In Your Eyes. Something about James Franklin tells me that he just kills it at Take On Me (A-Ha version, but he could probably really wail at the Reel Big Fish cover too). And I just know that Peejus can do all of Sam & Dave’s Soul Man all by himself.

Tell me about a highly recruited player who bombed in his debut, but went on to have a great career for your team. No, there is no particular reason I’m asking. Just a random thought. Really. - Vaudvillain

Candystripes: What’s this “highly recruited” term you speak of?

WSR: In his first spring game, Billy Cockerham went something along the lines of 0-12 passing (granted it was in a Glen Mason offense, but I digress) and earned himself the unfortunate epithet “The 0-fer Gopher.” Was he ever a great passer? Nope. But he was a pretty damn good runner, he led us to the win over Penn State in 1999, and got us to our first bowl in over a decade. That’s a pretty good rebound.


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