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“College football is stupid I’m going to go drink in a field.“

Welcome back to another week of Where We Be, What We Be Drinking: The weekly segment where your OTE “writers” lay out elaborate weekend plans that they’ll most likely bail on so they can day drink. There’s a bunch of great football to be played this weekend, and also El Assico is happening. Let’s go around the country and find out what everyone is doing for game day!


English soccer is finally back from the international break, but West Ham doesn’t play until Monday so instead of going to a brewery on Saturday morning I’ll probably fill up a growler or two on the way home from work today. I don’t feel like cooking anything so I’ll probably grab some chicken wings or pizza and watch El Assico from my couch.


I got all the hummus making mistakes out of the way on Monday, so I’ll whip up a new and improved batch for the game. Being Pitt week, I will also devour some pierogies and kielbasa. If there is any peach cobbler left from Friday night, I’ll finish that off, and I’ll wash it all down with a tall glass of water.

Candystripes For Breakfast

I will be spending at least some portion, if not a large majority, of IU-OSU at my 10 year high school class reunion. Could be worse, I suppose.


Wisconsin has a bye this week so you don’t get to know where I am or what I’ll be drinking this weekend. Sorry!

Ray Ransom

College football is stupid I’m going to go drink in a field.


I really wanted to go to this game as night games at Ross-Ade tend to be quite an enjoyable experience. Alas, other responsibilities call during the day. I’ll be at home, drinking some Bells Two Hearted Ale.


Smoking some chicken and ribs while watching alllllll the games and day drinking. I’d of went with the writer vote of brisket but the week got crazy and I forgot to grab one from the freezer.


I’ll be in Evanston to watch the ’Cats take on UNLV. I’ll bring up some local craft beer, probably Revolution Brewing IPAs.

Andrew K

Should once again be home, though I need to make some forward progress on various home-related projects. Would love to get that smart thermostat installed, but the upstairs toilet has been a bit finicky and we intended to replace that anyway, and there can’t be any more procrastinating on the gutters...what were we talking about? I’ve been a homeowner for 2 months and would love to discuss crabgrass with you.


I have to fly down to Florida to help my fiance move, I will be driving up 95-North for the duration of the Maryland v Temple game I would imagine. Thus drinking copious amounts of spiced rum...obviously.


I will be spending the afternoon at Historic TCF Bank Stadium to watch your beloved Minnesota Golden Gophers GATA against Georgia Southern. Should be fun, and I’ll probably have a Grain Belt or two.


I believe that Andrew K has not disclosed the full story here, because if my understanding is correct, after our teams take care of business, we will be in downtown Detroit at Detroit City Football Club’s new City Clubhouse, where we will track college ball on our phones while joining the Northern Guard (and even some casuals) in cheering on the Boys in Rouge as they take down Milwaukee Torrent in Member’s Cup action. The cocktail menu appears to feature a drink made with Detroit City Distillery’s “CITY GOLD” whiskey called the Middle Finger, so...bury me in CITY GOLD!

Dead Read

Lovely downtown Lincoln. Not overly confident in Nebraska. Coming down with something. Just livin’ the dream.

Brian Gillis

Michigan is off this week and so am I. I’ll be spending the weekend in sunny Redondo Beach. I would say that means that I’ll be spending Saturday on my couch, but there don’t seem to be a lot of couch-worthy games this weekend. That being the case, it might be a good time to take a tour of the Torrance micro-breweries, of which there are many. #smogcity #monkish #dudes #scholb #burningdaylight


I’ll be at home hosting some people for the game. I’ll have the smoker going, likely some ribs and maybe stuffed jalapeños. I’m going to hate every minute of the game.

Aaron Yorke

I have a birthday party in Stamford in Saturday night and I haven’t decided if I’m going into Connecticut early to watch the game there or watching in NYC and then taking the train to CT.


Watching the game with friends and drinking whatever is least bad on tap. Alternatively, watching at home and passing out on the couch somewhere in the third quarter because this semester is kicking my ass pretty hard and I’m exhausted all the time. Also, based on last week, the third quarter seems to be the right time to check out of Husker games these days.


It’s a bye week for Rutgers and I have conference presentations coming up, sooo I won’t be doing anything interesting sadly. Also at this point in Rutgers Football, I consider the bye week a loss.


It’s a game-time decision. Maybe Evanston if I finish work/writing on Friday and decide I want to drive 6 hours to watch Northwestern struggle its way to a two-score win over a Mountain West also-ran. If that’s the case, I’ll have some Grain Belt out of the trunk of my car. Or I’ll put down my dissertation writing for a couple hours to get really drunk and yell at the TV as Northwestern struggles its way to a two-score win over a Mountain West also-ran. If that’s the case, I’ll have some Grain Belt out of my fridge and mix in some Watershed Guild Gin for good measure. (Thanks, Watershed!)

That’s it for us, but what about the rest of you? Got pictures of what you’re barbecuing this weekend, or perhaps a fall wedding you want to complain about? Head to the comments and let us know what you’re doing for game day!