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Big Ten Football Week 3 Preview in MS Paint Infographics: Who’s the King of the East?

The Far East that is

There’s nothing quite like the mid-September portion of the season to have emotional rollercoasters, overreaction whiplash and jokes based on small sample sizes.

Illinois has been shut out seven times since Indiana’s last shutout. One was by Rutgers. They were also deuced by Ohio State 40-2 once in this timespan.

Rutgers, on the other hand, has been shut out seven times in the Chris Ash era despite going the whole 2018 season without one. They only had one shutout from 2003 until Ash took over in 2016, though they did get funf’d 56-5 by Louisville in 2005.

Nostalgic for a specific moment in recent football history? Wanna see some jokes that don’t make sense unless you remember exactly what was happening that week? Or do you just want to find the few evergreen infographics and tweet them at fans of teams you don’t like?

Don’t despair. Here’s the full archive.