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B1G Stock Market Game: Week 3

US-stocks-market JOHANNES EISELE/AFP/Getty Images

It's back! Week 3 of the B1G Stock Market Game is upon us, and hot damn did we take a beating on Saturday. More on that in a little bit. First things first, for anyone new to the game:

The Rules

  1. Start with a 510 Delany Dollar ($510DD) investment.
  2. Select team stocks to buy.
  3. After the week’s games, sell, hold, and/or buy for the next week.
  4. Max number of any one team’s shares that you can own is 50.

Team stock value comes from The value of each team is the inverse of their current rating (out of 130 FBS teams), so team #2 costs $129, #6 costs $125, #129 costs $2.

What Teams Should I Invest In?

I want all of you to at least consider investing heavily in your favorite team. That way when they lose, you get the double whammy of a 22% portfolio loss!

Some players diversify, and others go heavy on one stock. You’ll find your niche. If you don’t like the dartboard method, you may want to check out Dead Read’s B1G Stock Report.

This Week

It appears the recipe for success this week was... wait... rutger? I guess so, as the formula tells us dandarc now has the lead. rutger maintained their value of $28DD during the bye. Their 0% change was good enough to place 4th in the conference, which overall lost 6% of its market value. Hilariously, theguyfrom-wega's portfolio dropped 10%, but maintained second place do too keeping over $100DD in cash.

Dear state of Indiana, you're killing us all. The Boilermakers lost 22% of their value, and the Hoosiers are down 21%. Minnesota is crap also, having lost 20% of their value after another lackluster victory over a mediocre opponent. The other big loser was (and will remain) Illinois, whose 12% fall sent my portfolio down the drain, along with a good number of you.

It wasn't all gloom and doom. Iowa stayed steady at 109, Michigan and Ohio State had modest gains, and Nebraska increased their value in excess of 2%!!!!!1! That's all the good news.

The opening bell has rung, here are this week’s stock prices:

Illinois 48; Indiana 78; Iowa 109; Maryland 113; Michigan 116; Michigan State 114; Minnesota 65; Nebraska 98; Northwestern 87; Ohio State 128; Penn State 118; Purdue 68; Rutgers 28; Wisconsin 126

Get your buys in by 6pm Best Time Zone Thursday night (MC CLAPYOHANDS THIS MEANS YOU). And remember, greed is good.