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Stew’s Accurate Rating System: Week 3

Nope, just not gonna talk about it.

Kent State v Auburn
War damn eagle
Photo by Michael Chang/Getty Images

A lot of movement this week because I added the first wave of schedule strength. I should be able to have the full system in place after next week.

Rankings and Ratings:

B1G Thoughts:

Fuck wisconsin

  • Ohio State Buckeyes are pretty damn good and super boring to write about.
  • Yeah, Iowais here. 3-0, a fairly neutral SoS, and decent MoV will get you here.
  • Penn State and Michigan are paired here for completely different reasons. PSU has a shit SoS, but great MoV. While Michigan’s SoS is just north of neutral, but they’re wins aren’t very impressive.
  • Yes, Michigan State is still up here. Their SoS is pretty high, and buoyed them from the loss.
  • Maryland getting floated by their still massive MoV, and Temple isn’t a bad loss, right now.
  • And B1G drop to UNL and Illinois. Illinois took a pretty giant tumble with a loss and a bad SoS.
  • This seems like a decent place for Indiana. Middling, get blown out by the elite schools.
  • Another decent drop to Minnesota, who continues to be trash. But they’re no longer the lowest rated undefeated team, that distinction goes to the San Diego State Aztecs.
  • rutgers above jNW?!? Yes. rutger’s SoS is just enough better than jNW’s to sneak by them. Both are 1-1, and the MoV is within 10.
  • Oh, Purdue. This isn’t good.

Other Thoughts:

  • Fuck Notre Dame.
  • Auburn is 3-0 and against a pretty tough schedule, so far.
  • Alabama does have a bad schedule, but they’ve blown it out.
  • Woah, Wake Forest Demon Deacons! Nicely done by.../looks up coach...Dave Clawson..? Oh, the guy who made Bowling Green a ton of fun to watch. Awesome!
  • Mississippi State Bulldogs have a winning record and one of the toughest schedules in the country, to date.
  • See? Temple is pretty good.

Big Risers:

  • Florida Atlantic got a win, and shot up the rankings with the addition of schedule strength.
  • Owls everywhere flying up the charts!
  • Georgia Tech lost to an FCS team. They were a big riser last week and here they are falling almost 50 spots back this week.

Also, is there any other stuff you guys would like to see in the analysis? Maybe some Elite/good/average/bad/trash designations?