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Where We Be, What We Be Drinking: Week 4

After sweating all day, I suffered from a “dehydration” headache the next morning.

Welcome back to another edition of Where We Be, What We Be Drinking: The weekly segment where we find out how and where the OTE staff will be celebrating and/or mourning their football teams this week. Let’s get to it:


It’s a bye week for Iowa. I’m making chili with habaneros grown in my backyard and getting rid of a few leftover Todd the Axe Mans (Todd the Axe Men?) before cracking open a growler (beer yet to be decided). If I’m feeling adventurous I’ll take advantage of the bye to head over to an orchard and have some cider (they have a dry-hopped “IPA” cider that’s amazing) and if not I’ll be sitting on the couch with two babies watching Nebraska try in vain to blow a lead against Illinois while Northwestern and Sparty attempt the world record for “worst game ever played”.


Bye week for Purdue. No football related plans although the OTB site near me will be legally accepting wagers. Will probably swing over for a bet or two and see what the adjoining BBQ has on tap.


HELLO IT ME, RETURNING TO EVANSTON.I will likely get reamed out by my dissertation director on Thursday or Friday; after that, I will be ready to drown my sorrows in Evanston with as much cheap liquor as is humanly possible. That means Mich Golden! That means Hamm’s! That means Grain Belt! Oh yes, my friends, that means Malort! All these will come together in a potent cocktail that will likely see me throw up on the new Northwestern Performance Center for Excellence in 1-2 Non-Conference Records.Plus, in honor of Michigan State, we’ll probably grab some Founders or Bell’s. And I wouldn’t say no to Andrew K showing up with a bomber of Dragon’s Milk for me again, as I haven’t really blacked out good and hard for a Northwestern game since 2013. The offensive “prowess” of these two teams suggests I might be read for that again.

Candystripes For Breakfast

Noon kickoff means coffee for me, but it also means I’ll actually be available to watch the game instead of having other plans again. Not sure how many of those I’ll have left this year, as my new job means I’ll be working a lot of evenings.


Penn State will be off and I’ll be hosting our D&D group. I’ve been promised “cooked meat and a starch” by our paladin, so I’ll probably just pan fry some veggies. I’ve had a 2-liter of Sprite in the fridge for a month and a half, I suppose I’ll be drinking that.

Brian Gillis

I’m excited to be making my maiden voyage to Madison this weekend, to watch the Michigan/Wisconsin game. I carved out a little extra time and have the entire day Friday to wander the campus. If there are any spots I shouldn’t miss, I’d appreciate any suggestions.

Andrew K

I will resist the siren song of Ryan Field...this time. Though if anyone’s aware of an app I can use to ice MNW with a growler of imperial stout from 300 miles away, holla at ya boi. Rather, I’ll be home in metro Detroit as the unpacking process from this move approaches two complete months. I’m not deterred by our current situation, and in fact I’m prepared to present a plan for escalation of my involvement. If we don’t prevail in the living room, our interests in loafing in the den will be forever imperiled


I’ll also be in beautiful Evanston, Ill, for a far too early game against MSU. I’ll drop by the beer store near the Central street Metra stop and pick up a few locally brewed beers; probably something from Revolution Brewing or Half Acre brewing.


I’m back in N. Fla. on a search mission. Last week I had a surprisingly good homemade saison. The cousin of a friend is a homebrewer who aspires to make beer for a living. I’m typically not a fan of saisons, but this one was shockingly good. Easy drinker that wasn’t too heavy, even in the humid, 85 degree evening. The high alcohol snuck up on me though. And after sweating all day, I suffered from a “dehydration” headache the next morning.

Dead Read

Beautiful downtown Lincoln. Hoping for an uneventful little Saturday.


I will be in Chicago at Goose Island for the 312 block party. I’ve decided that longtime friends need to be a higher priority than Illini football, at least until winning is a priority for the latter. What won’t I be drinking?


Hmmmm. I honestly don’t know. It’ll be a game-time decision. Lincoln, possibly, as there’s a bitchin’ book sale there this weekend and I’m 84 years old at heart. Or maybe I’ll stay in Greater Nebraska, collapsed in a recliner, doing facial mask treatments in a desperate quest to look substantially less tired than I am. In either event, local beer (Prairie Peach from Thunderhead?) and maybe a lime LaCroix if I’m feeling wild. Goodness, adulthood is a non-stop thrill ride, isn’t it?


I have no idea what I’ll be doing or where I’ll be doing it. If I stay in the Twin Cities area, I’ll probably try to check out a few antique furniture stores in my crusade to find a bedroom set and a good roll top desk. But for some reason, I’m tempted to sneak out and go watch a game. I was thinking about Nebraska-Illinois until I saw that it’s almost going to be a sellout. South Carolina-Missouri is probably the most likely destination if I hit the road, but only because I really don’t like myself. No matter what, I’ll have a nice Irish Coffee and that’s probably about it for the weekend.

Jesse Collins

I’m going to be in Austin, probably trying to put my kids to bed, and probably super annoyed that I’m being asked to watch Paw Patrol. Also, probably going to be eating something barbecued so it’s not all bad.


I’m driving with a group from my department to Phoenix from LA on Saturday for a big geology conference. I'll try to tune into the game, but Art Sitkowski is starting so like... why?

That’s it for your “writers”, but how are the rest of you spending game day? Going to the game? Deep frying a whole cow? Root canal? Let us know in the comments!