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Where We Be, What We Be Drinking: Week 5

“Against my better judgment, I think I’m going to the game.“

Good morning, Happy Friday, and welcome to another edition of Where We Be, What We Be Drinking: the weekly segment where your OTE editorial staff pretends that their drinking habits are football related.

We’ll get things started tonight with the battle for the East coast TV market between Penn State and Maryland. Tomorrow we’ll see Jim Harbaugh try to beat some AP votes out of the corpse of Rutgers, Iowa plays some damn team, and Northwestern continues their campaign towards 5-7. The marquee matchup of the weekend will feature College Gameday heading to...Lincoln? Ok sure. Let’s go around the country:


I’ll be trying to sous vide some ribs overnight for the game. I’ve got a nice rub on them, but I’m using reusable silicone bags that might be tricky to get the air out of with the rib bones in there. I’ve never done anything more complex than a steak or some salmon, so we’ll see how this turns out. To wash it down I picked up a bottle of “American Barrel-aged Red Sour” from Three Notch’d Brewing. I had some in the tap room a few weeks ago and it was delicious. After that I’ll keep it light and easy with some Richmond Lager from Hardywood.


I’ll be getting hammered in College Park for the MD-PSU game. This game is either a Maryland win or, more likely, our annual reality check that we are nowhere close to competing with the top 3 in the east. Brisket, pulled pork, and lots of booze are on the menu. Haven’t figured out sides yet but we will be there when lots open to ensure enough booze are consumed prior to kickoff to have a hazy memory of what occurs.


I’ll be in West Lafayette for the Boilers tilt against the Gophers. I’ll have Boilerboy in tow so it’ll be low ABV for me. Probably a couple Miller Lites before the game and a People’s Brewing Boiler Black inside the stadium.

Andrew Kay

Figure this out - I’ll be in Ann Arbor at the Michigan game, as the ladyfriend is a graduate and hasn’t been for a few years and sometimes one has to pay a toll to safeguard one’s ability to burn entire fall Saturdays watching football. Debating how antagonistic to be with my ensemble, and whether it’s ever really appropriate to be Guy Who Wears Apparel Of A Team Not Playing In This Game, would love the community’s feedback on this issue.

Jesse Collins

So I should be traveling to Lincoln to take in the festivities of the basketball kickoff featuring Rick Ross on Friday, Gameday festivities on Saturday morning, and the beatdown Ohio State will apply on Saturday night. Unfortunately I can’t make it back with some family in town so instead I will be traveling to the Texas State Fair, eating a lot of fried food, and probably - probably - watching the game by myself. Should be fun.


Against my better judgment, I think I’m going to the game. I don’t enjoy scary movies or gore, so this should tide me over for the upcoming Halloween season. I’ll drink water at the game, but probably enjoy Lincoln’s nightlife afterward! Maybe I can get some sucker Buckeye fans to buy me a drink after what I’ll surely witness.

Candystripes For Breakfast

Due to being a mid-afternoon kickoff, I will get to watch the start of the game, and then have to go to work. Maybe I’ll get to watch a little bit more of the game at work; we’ll see if I even want to. Water and Cherry Coke for me, since we don’t stock Vanilla Coke at work sadly.


Friday night game means my Saturday will be stress free. I’m supposed to be hitting a fruit market really early, I’m sure I’ll be munching on fresh goodness while watching your teams embarrass themselves.


I’ll be at home in Chicago drinking several Lagunitas A Lil’ Sumpin Sumpin as the ’Cats get their asses kicked by the Badgers


I’ll be in West London, drinking dry cider and streaming games very legally.


I should be in Greensboro, drinking the last of any summer beer I have, probably Shiner Ruby Redbird, and hoping Wisconsin wins by 30. And getting ready for a trial that starts Tuesday.


I’ll be in beautiful Grand Rapids, Michigan this weekend.

Edit: Calling an audible. Being the glutton for punishment that I am, I’m driving across the state to Ann Arbor watch Michigan battle Rutgers.


I’ll be in No Fla, where the PSU/UMD game will interfere with my going to see little Townie in the marching band. You can bet your ass I’ll be drinking. If it were cooler, I’d drink some of that good Bell’s Lager I’ve got salted away. But since it’s hot, I’ll be drinking something lighter. None of that stupid, fruity candy beer that’s everywhere these days. I’ll drink something crisp, maybe an Intuition Jon Boat lager or a Kona Longboard.


At home, on my couch, working on some writing whilst pouting through a loss to wisconsin. And to think I almost drove to madison to watch this shitshow happen.For drinks, I’ll be stopping by Ombibulous, a Minnesota-only craft spirits store in Northeast that’s got individual can sales of basically any beer from the Great State of Minnesota that you can imagine. What will I buy? I DON’T KNOW! And that’s the beauty. Probably whatever they have from Moorhead’s Junkyard, along with a couple local saisons and sours. And then I’ll order and eat an entire stuffed crust pizza when the ‘Cats trail by 30 at halftime.


I’ll be at a friend’s house in suburban St. Paul. Since I’ll be driving afterwards, I won’t drink much more than a Grain Belt or 4.


I’ll be in Los Angeles.


I’ll be at lovely, beautiful, legendary, historic Kinnick Stadium for what is looking like a freshman scrimmage. As it’s an 11 o’clock kickoff I’ll probably just have some breakfast stout, a crowler of something local, and 4 lbs of bacon.

Dead Read

I will be in lovely downtown Lincoln, doing standard Dead Read things. I will try to lower my hopes to a reasonable/sane level throughout the day. By kickoff I will have convinced myself that Nebbie will win this thing. I will hate everything and everyone by 930 GTZ.

Sunrise. Sunset.


somewhere football can’t hurt me

That’s it for your OTE “writers”, but what about the rest of you? Did you build a model of your stadium out of cheese? Did you tell your wife that you’re taking the kids to a museum, but secretly you’re going to dump them off at a waterpark and then go watch the game at a bar? Let us know in the comments! Bonus OTE bucks for pictures of food.