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The OTE Weekly Mailbag Request Is Looking At New Jersey Real Estate

So...some things happened this weekend.

Performance Art: Minnesota WR in the endzone with a football and nary a Purdue DB to be found.
Thomas J. Russo-USA TODAY Sports

Well hello, friends! Has everyone caught their breath after this past weekend? Because that was one of the more intersting weekends of B1G football in a while. Penn State kicked off the weekend by tipping Maryland on it’s shell, Northwestern pulled wisconsin into the muck, because that’s what Northwestern likes to do, Iowa beat the hell out of MTSU (but nobody really cares because nobody watched it), Minnesota beat the everloving hell out of Purdue by running slant after slant after slant before we decided to stop passing in the 2nd half to let the Boilermakers make it look close, Michigan State survived Indiana, Michigan got Chris Ash fired, and Nebraska caught College Gameday fever before they caught tOSU’s hands. There was a bit of everything for everyone, and we’re still trying to figure out which way is up in the OTE Clubhouse. We’re all a bit of a mess, and I think I misplaced my bronze rhino somewhere.

So help us out, would you please? Ask us anything that crosses your mind (favorite Barbara Tuchman book? Best chicken marinade? Most useful whiteboard marker color?) and we’ll do our best to answer a bunch of them later in the week.

Good night, have a wonderful start to the week, and don’t offer Greg Schiano a job.