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“Mixing some Lemon-scented Bleach Martinis”

Welcome to week 2 everybody! This is Where We Be, What We Be Drinking: your weekly segment featuring a complete list of your OTE staff’s weekend alibis. We eat, we drink, and we enjoy being early enough in the season that nobody’s hopes have been completely crushed yet. The SEC got wrecked in week 1 and Hugh Freeze got shut out from a hospital bed, so let’s continue to enjoy the magic that is college football before the playoff rankings come out and ruin everything. Enough chatter, time to see what our lovely “writers” across the country are doing for game day:


I was going to fill some growlers on the way home from work today, but I forgot to put them in my car so it looks like I’ll be drinking some Breakfast Stout I have at home. I was able to get a few habaneros off my plant this week so I think I’m going to try and make some sort of habanero-maple glaze for chicken wings. I don’t feel like going to a brewery alone tomorrow so I’ll be watching football on the couch with some babies.


Will be in College Park bright and early this weekend, tailgating in Lot 1d. Drinks and menu are tbd. Haven’t decided if we are doing our own thing or heading over to the Old Line Tailgate Club setup. It likely depends on their food menu for the week but the wife will likely bring some champagne and cran for herself. Not a terrible early morning drink before I transition to something harder
[Update] Menu from tailgate club is bacon, sausage, pit beef, pit turkey, Mac n Cheese, beer, wine, soda, water, orange crushes, and garbage plates (they do an away regional thing for each game)


I have again been tasked with taking on a shift at the brewery this Saturday. I would have been able to view the first half of the Syracuse v Maryland game, BUT my dumb fiance scheduled a visit with one of the wedding venues she is interested in at 1:00PM. If she keeps neglecting my needs like this, it is going to be a very short-term marriage. I should arrive for my shift at the brewery around the time the fourth quarter starts, but we do not have BTN in the taproom, so I will be doing some aggressive free sampling and nervously refreshing the ESPN app...assuming the score is still worth keeping an eye on at that point.

Ray Ransom

I’ll most likely be living the whiskey ginger life at the homestead, watching Rutgers get blown off the line by the hoggiest of all hogs. If the game hits blowout level, I’ll probably drink less than if the game is a close game or a clear Rutgers win, because then it’ll be time to just throw the proverbial shandy in the air like you just don’t care.

Brian Gillis

I make my first trip to Ann Arbor this weekend to watch the Wolverines battle a tough Army team at the Big House. Week one provided a glimpse of what the Wolverines are trying to do offensively, but it also showed that they have some kinks to work out. Not unusual for a season opener, but with a trip to Madison looming to take on a Wisconsin team that looked like it’s already in midseason form, Michigan had better work out those kinks sooner rather than later. This week should serve as a pretty good barometer of how well Michigan has done that, or in simpler terms, what kind of team Michigan will be bringing to Wisconsin.


There are a couple of places I might be while IU and EIU take the field, and the most likely of them is the Indiana Convention Center, where MagicFest Indianapolis will be going on. Thus, I will only be marginally paying attention to the football, upholding proud “writer” tradition. Water will be a necessity, with a likely shift towards something sugary and carbonated later.


I’ll likely be at home, mixing some Lemon-scented Bleach Martinis.

Dead Read

I will be in lovely downtown Lincoln, teaching my nephew the finer points of watching a college football game. I will spoil him rotten, then send him home to his mother.


Eating bar food with some friends at a yet-to-be-determined location. Depending on how divey we go, the beer may be underwhelming, but I’m hoping for some Zipline or Kinkaider.


I’ll be at my apartment, sipping on water. I think I’ll pick up a lemon today to flavor that water. I know he wouldn’t approve, but what Kirk doesn’t know won’t hurt him.

Jesse Collins

Austin, TX. Wanted to go see football but the prices of LSU-Texas are officially ridiculous and I don’t like either team enough to deal with what noise. Will be eating bbq and drinking a lot of water because it’s hot here.


Boston, MA for my penultimate Saturday in America. I’ll probably try to kill what remains of my Stagg Jr. before the move.


I’ll be somewhere in the greater St. Paul area watching the game, and I don’t believe I’ll be drinking anything regardless of how much I may want/need to.


At incredible, beautiful, legendary, HISTORIC, Kinnick Stadium. 11 am kickoff against the mighty rutger, so probably not going too hard. A breakfast stout and a few naturdays ought to about do it. Think we’re doing breakfast foods, so bacon, pancakes, breakfast burritos, maybe crepes and French toast.


No game! I’m FREE! Mick McCall can’t hurt me this weekend! Actually, on top of that, the wife works, too. So I’m going to nab a couple crowlers from the local establishment, Wicked Wort Brewing in Robbinsdale, and ride those out through the morning and early afternoon. By the time I’m hanging onto consciousness and watching Minnesota-Fresno and/or Oregon State-Hawaii, I’ll be polishing off what’s left of some Grain Belt pounders.


I’ll probably be trying to find the Wisconsin game and then find something else in about the 3rd quarter. I may just go to the Folk Festival instead...we’ll see. When does conference play start?


In No. Fla, still cleaning up after Dorian. I’ll be drinking Long Board Lager, in honor of the great waves we had after the storm passed.

Andrew Kra...Kraz...Krazw....Andrew K.

Home in Detroit once again, still have some leftover Short’s I’ll probably finish off.


It’s been hot as hell in LA these last few weeks. The Rutgers Alumni Club’s game watch is at a restaurant/sports bar in Santa Monica, so I think I’m gonna head out early to watch the game with a Mimosa in hand (and enjoy the game with best Chicken and Waffles I’ve ever had), then head over to the beach. Or better yet, I will sleep through the game, then go to the beach.

Aaron Yorke

I get out of work right as the game starts so I will get home as quickly as NJ Transit can get me there (not very fast) and catch my first MACtion of the season. Hopefully there will be beer waiting for me.

That’s it for your writers, but what about the rest of you? What are you eating before the game? What kind of six pack did you sneak into the fall wedding your selfish ex-roommate planned? Let us know in the comments!