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OTE Week 2 Mailbag Request

Can’t sleep. Ask us stuff.

Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

So here we are. It’s 2:25 AM and I still can’t sleep because today was a wild day of football from start to...well, it’s not over yet because there’s still 2 games going on. And it was just awesome unless your team lost. Army-Michigan, Nebraska-Colorado, Louisiana FUNroe-FSU, LSU-Texas. Minnesota-Fresno State. And if fun and crazy and kinda dumb isn’t your thing, maybe blasting the shit out of overmatched wretches is. You know what? We had plenty of those this week too. So what would you like to know about this week? How do you sleep after chewing your fingernails to the 2nd knuckles watching your team? Which message board owner would you like to get into a fight with? What’s the perfect drink to bring yourself down a bit after drinking craft beer all day? Is a Cirrus SR-20 really worth it?

Ask us whatever you’d like, and we’ll pluck the best handful of questions to answer for your bemusement. And who knows, maybe I’ll even get it posted before next Saturday morning!