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If Jim Harbaugh was fired, would you hire him?

I kinda think I would

NCAA Football: Peach Bowl-Florida vs Michigan Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

It is week two. The speculation started months ago for a variety of topics, but coaching seats is what we are going to discuss tonight. Much like national championship talk, it is much too early to talk about such things, but we are going to do it, regardless. I was sitting out on my patio, drinking a fine glass of water and thinking to myself, “If Harbaugh drops that game to Army, he is probably getting suggestions to resign.” He is an entrenched Michigan man, so he wouldn’t be fired on the plane back to Ann Arbor, from Ann Arbor, but discussions would have been had. However, Michigan won, and that’s that.

What if they didn’t. Or on a different train of thinking, what if Michigan decided they were too elite to have football and ceased operations. Jim Harbaugh, who has had a modicum of success at Michigan, and a lot of success elsewhere, is now available. Would you hire him?

Let’s pretend the coach of your favorite found a higher calling and immediately left. You have a variety of candidates, and one of them is Jim Harbaugh. We’ll pretend Michigan decided to end their college football program right now, so he wasn’t fired, and he is on the market. Would he garner an interview?

As a Buckeye fan, not only would I grant him an interview, I think I would place him high on my list. He understands the OSU/Michigan rivalry. He has had success as a player and a coach. Heck, he put Stanford back on the map. He is quirky and that can be a great asset in recruiting. Harbs would be on the short list. Sure, I would interview other candidates, like Matt Campbell. Ok, I would hire Matt Campbell, but that’s not the point, I would seriously consider Harbaugh, even if he has mostly failed at Michigan to this point, even though he was successful in the NFL and college prior to his arrival. That’s the weird thing about hiring in sports. Sometimes, the combination works, and sometimes it doesn’t. Early and mid returns say Harbaugh at Michigan is not working, but that doesn’t mean it wouldn’t work somewhere else...