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Big Ten Stock Market Game: Week 2

Welcome back to the Big Ten Stock Market Game! Last week we introduced the game and laid down the ground rules. Eager to see how you did? Head down to This Week. Missed the IPO last week? That's okay, I missed the first couple centuries of the New York Stock Exchange. We can both start today!

The Rules

  1. Start with a 510 Delany Dollar ($510DD) investment.
  2. Select team stocks to buy.
  3. After the week’s games, sell, hold, and/or buy for the next week.
  4. Max number of any one team's shares that you can own is 50.

Team stock value comes from The value of each team is the inverse of their current rating (out of 130 FBS teams), so team #2 costs $129, #6 costs $125, #129 costs $2.

What Teams Should I Invest In?

I want all of you to at least consider investing heavily in your favorite team. That way when they lose, you get the double whammy of a 22% portfolio loss!

Last week, some players diversified, and others went heavy on one stock. You'll find your niche. If you don't like the dartboard method, you may want to check out Dead Read's B1G Stock Report.

This Week

The ol' greasy dog 06Lion has taken an early lead with $556DD. That Minnesota stock paid off nicely with a 12.3% increase after their overtime victory against the very game Fresno State Bulldogs. Other big gainers were Indiana with an enormous 16.5% increase, and Maryland with an 11.7% bump. Then there's rutger. The Knights stock dropped 17.6%, dragging MK Mastadon all the way down to last place. Illinois' win against Connecticut Huskies was not enough to impress The Formula, as their stock took an 11.3% hit.

The Sherman Index

There are no fees for your trades, just look at your Portfolio Value and tell me what new stocks you want. No answer means you keep what you've got.

You got what it takes? Get in the pit and buy, buy, buy. This is a bull market (as evidenced by this past week's Penn State opponent, Buffalo), with no sign of a bear until at least Bowl Season!

The opening bell has rung, here are this week's stock prices:

Illinois 55; Indiana 99; Iowa 109; Maryland 115; Michigan 114; Michigan State 118; Minnesota 82; Nebraska 96; Northwestern 92; Ohio State 127; Penn State 123; Purdue 88; Rutgers 28; Wisconsin 128

Get your buys in by 6pm Best Time Zone Thursday night. And remember, greed is good.