B1G Survivor 2020 Week 1: JOIN NOW

Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

The 2020 Big Ten football season is (theoretically) right around the corner, which can only mean one thing: the return of B1G Survivor! Hopefully this year's contest (and by extension, this year's B1G season, this year's College Football season, and life in general) won't devolve into any more of a shit-show than it already has (spoiler: it probably will).

This marks year four of the competition. At the time of my last post, we were "celebrating" an eight-way tie for the championship, with eight perfect seasons. Not the most satisfying of conclusions. So, of course, my job as commissioner is to make probably over-reactionary rules changes to try to prevent that from happening again.

The rules for the game are pretty simple. You pick one B1G team each week. If that team wins, you move on to the next week, but you can't pick them again for the remainder of the year. If they lose, you're out.

In past seasons, we've always made it so that if you wanted to have a perfect season, you had to save your presumed conference champion for the last week of the year. To continue that tradition this year, only the CCG will be in play in Week 9. There will be no backing into a perfect season by picking West 7th place team over East 7th place team at the end.

Also, for the 2020 season (and probably for the 2020 season only), I'm adding a restriction of only being able to pick against a team twice. This will prevent players from using the "picking the opponent of (insert shittiest team in the conference here; typically Rutgers) every week" strategy. I toyed with the idea of only being able to pick against a certain team once, but then you start running out of viable options after a few weeks.

If all remaining contestants get eliminated the same week, the tiebreakers will be the same as in previous years:

1. Best combined winning %age of teams you haven't yet used

2. Strength of victory

3. Whoever got their loser pick in first

Here is the Week One schedule. All games are on Saturday (10/24) unless otherwise noted

Illinois @ Wisconsin (Friday, 10/23)

Nebraska @ Ohio St

Rutgers @ Michigan St

Penn St @ Indiana

Iowa @ Purdue

Michigan @ Minnesota

Maryland @ Northwestern

Note: This year, all picks will be due Saturday at 11AM Central, or by the time your pick's game kicks off, whichever is earlier. Also, no latecomers will be allowed this year. You snooze, you lose.

Good luck to all who participate! My Week One pick (subject to possible change): The Penn St Nittany Lions