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B1G 2020: Purdue has Moore back, but can they win more?

Ohio State v Purdue

It’s almost time for the Big Ten football season to start (probably). Since we last previewed Purdue football, the season has been cancelled and then uncancelled. This document is meant to update everyone with what has changed since the last round of previews was written. So first off, if you want some more details on Purdue football (and who doesn’t?), check out what we wrote in the summer before the season was cancelled and uncancelled.

Previous Purdue B1G 2020 Articles (and a classic thrown in)

What has changed since we last previewed the season?

Superstar wide receiver Rondale Moore opted out of playing this season to go pro. Then he opted to not opt out. So the previous previews were correct in that they listed Moore as a player who will play on the team this season.

What has not changed since we last previewed the season?

Most other things. Reports are that Jake Plummer is the likely starter at QB, although official word is that it is still a three-man competition.

One thing that has most certainly not changed is that we are marching further down the road to the inevitable heat death of the universe. So we got that going for us.

The Eight Game Schedule

The schedule gods did Purdue a solid and got rid of that pesky Ohio State team from the previous 9 game schedule. So that leaves the Boilers with this:

The Schedule

Date Team Purdue is scheduled to play
Date Team Purdue is scheduled to play
Oct 24 IOWA
Oct 31 @ Illinois
Nov 7 @ Wisconsin
Nov 20 @ Minnesota
Dec 12 @ Indiana
HOME games in ALL CAPS. Away Games have an @ before the school name and they start with a capital letter and then use lower case.

That is about as favorable of a schedule as Purdue could possibly have without playing some of the lesser teams (you know who you are) multiple times.


Who knows what crazy things are going to happen this season. With the tight schedule bumping into December, will there be any rescheduled games when the inevitable COVID outbreak happens like it has so this season? Or will there be forfeits?

If the season does happen, Purdue should have an exciting offense. Rondale Moore and David Bell should be the best 1-2 punch at receiver in the conference. While 2019 was a disappointment, a lot of young players gained a lot of experience, which should lead to better results this season.

All that being said, let’s go with the lamest, most down the middle, not sticking my neck out at all prediction of 4-4.

In honor of my 4-4 prediction, let’s close this article out with a mandolin duet that is in 4-4 time.