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B1G Butt Trophy 2020 Preview

It's time, once again, to celebrate the history of losing games. B1G games. Some time ago, we pondered what a reverse championship belt would be. We came up with the Chris Ass Memorial B1G Butt Trophy.

That article, coming mere days after Buttger's loss to Illinois, traced the lineage of suck from the B1G's humble beginnings to its humblest new addition. Since the Illinois loss, Buttger has lost 15 more B1G games, a very impressive streak. Greg Schiano can enter December with the second longest title reign in B1G history. Buttger fans have a few dates circled on the calendar to finally shed the trophy, we will have to wait and see how improved the team is.

2020 Potential Trophy Games

10/24 Buttger@Michigan State - This one's a near certainty, barring a COVID delay or cancellation.

10/31 Michibutt State@Michigan - As much as some want Schiano and Company to retain the trophy forever, I think many of us would enjoy seeing Sharty vs. the Holverines in week "2".

11/14 Illinois@Buttger - Lovie had a(n Illinois) great season last year, and STILL this remains one of the best opportunities for a title change.

11/28 Buttger@Purdue - Could this be the final nail in Brohm's crappy coffin?

12/12 Buttger@Mayland - Preseason toss up, sure to be a shitshow. Even if Rutger wins an early game, Maryland has multiple chances to be the butt holder come the end of the year.

12/12 Purdue@Indiana OR Illinois@Northwestern - There are multiple ways the B1G West rivalry week could feature the trophy. However it happens, we all can enjoy the journey together.