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Big Ten Football 2020 Week 1 Preview In MS Paint Infographics

oh boy it’s time for bee one gee in the age of covid nineteen

You know, if you’d told me after the Redbox Bowl that by late October I’d be pretty upset at the state of the world, I would absolutely have believed you because I’d assume this meant the triumphant 7-wins-are-possible season of the 2020 Illinois Fighting Illini had been derailed by an embarrassing non-conference loss.

It just feels like everything’s falling apart. I’m isolated, and I’ve been isolated from many of my friends and family since moving out to Michigan. Now I’m even more isolated as my small office is staggering occupancy, I can’t play music anywhere in public anymore, I can’t go to events with lots of people, and the ravages of time have been taking their toll on the online communities that have supplemented my social life in the loneliness of 21st-century adulthood.

I don’t have it in me to pretend like BIG TEN FOOTBALL IS BACK. It’s not just something I casually view on TV sometimes. It’s a cultural thing; it’s an identity. Perhaps I’ve placed too much importance on it, but I’m sure I’m not alone in feeling this way.

Maybe I’m just getting older and I have a harder time allowing myself to enjoy things, but this is going to be a profoundly less...shall we say...attached experience for me. In a very real sense, Big Ten Football is just another thing that I’m now physically isolated from.

But hey. Kickoff is later today, and you know I’m gonna watch, and so are you.

So please join us here and make this place lively, in place of the social life you no longer have.

Anyway here’s some dumb doodles.