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OTE Mailbag Request Week 1: Almost nothing makes sense.

Just in case 2020 hasn’t been confusing enough yet, Rutgers won a B1G football game.

Yes, I’ll give you a moment to allow that to sink in.

Rutgers, Purdue, Indiana, Northwestern, and Michigan won. I’m still trying to wrap my head around all of this, but it’s probably going to take a bit. While you’re waiting for my brain to reboot, why don’t you feel free to ask us some questions? We’d prefer that you avoid politics, since I’m not going to pick those to be answered, but pretty much everything else is fair game. Thank you and enjoy the best Sunday of Vikings football we’ll get all season.


What was the biggest surprise from yesterday?

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  • 42%
    Rutgers won
    (154 votes)
  • 17%
    We actually got football
    (62 votes)
  • 6%
    Nebraska looked competent for a bit
    (24 votes)
  • 33%
    Rutgers won
    (121 votes)
361 votes total Vote Now