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Were(wolf) We Boo, What Witch’s Brews We Be Drinking: Week “2”

Find out what Halloween candy your “writers” will be eating as they hide from the spooky goblins that go bump in the night (by which I mean Brian Ferentz’s playcalling)

Good morning and welcome to our special spooky edition of WWBWWBD, the weekly segment where all you ghosts and goblins gather around the campfire light of your monitors to read about how your undead “writers” will be taking in the football games of the weekend.

Let’s go around the country and see what frights await us:


I’m going to be making chili while drinking Pumpking and some Alewerks Pumpkin ale and watching football. My usual Halloween tradition is to watch The Thing on Halloween, but since I watched it last night and there’s no Pac 12 After Dark this year I think I’m going to watch The Blob while eating a bowl full of Almond Joys.

Andrew K

Calmly sitting at home in the Detroit burbs, whipping Kit Kats at any kid that gets too close (not likely as we only had about 7 trick or treaters last year), just diligently getting after these leaves, pickup is on Monday yakno, can’t let these go any further no no sorry couldn’t possibly faff about watching any football on Saturday. On account of the leaves, you understand.

White Speed Receiver

I’ll be hiding in Suburban St. Paul, drinking a Grain Belt or two, and occasionally refilling the gigantic candy bowl I’m leaving outside while hopefully taunting everyone else following a Friday night Gopher win


I’ll be home maybe hauling the kiddos to a Trunk ‘n Treat event in the area. Miller Lite will be the beverage o’ choice.


I’ll be at home, keeping my kids in their masks, handing out sandwich bags of fun size bars and Clorox wipes.


I’ll be sipping on some Angry Angry Alice from Rocket Frog Brewing (Sterling, VA) in my buddies back yard. He lives dangerously close to College Park, MD so while I have no intention of watching the game on television, I may be able to hear Mike Locksley’s groans in the distance. I believe this is the first college football Saturday I have had off since starting at the brewery last August...if only I had a team to watch.


I’ve got a weekend full of nerdery, thinking iced tea for refreshment.


I’ll be at home again drinking a few local brews watching the ‘Cats take on the Hawkeyes.


Because my life is v. glamorous, I’ll be working on a talk I’m giving on Sunday about the faith of William Jennings Bryan and how it shaped his radical politics. I’m also working on a Halloween costume inspired by Kim Kardashian’s 40th birthday party. Life is all about balance. My team, as you may have heard, isn’t playing this weekend, but I’ll probably watch some of your teams and think about how we definitely would have beaten Wisconsin this year.


I’ll be in/near Boone, drinking...something? Probably bourbon. And not watching football because I hate it now and all of you and everything is terrible.


I’m on Amelia Island, drinking Founders Stout and/or Yeungling Hershey’s Chocolate Porter.

Dead Read

Beautiful downtown Lincoln. Moderating game threads. It is a glamorous life.


Still in LA. The game is NOT at 9am thank goodness. I'm not sure what I'll be drinking, but I am going to try to go to an outdoor sports bar for lunch and watch it. Though maybe not since COVID cases are rising.

Stew again

If I manage to wake up, I’ll be getting some cellar quality beer from Surly in the morning. Have the chance at getting some old Darkness, barrel aged darkness, Ten, and the like. But I doubt I get to do much of that with Halloween and kids.

Candystripes For Breakfast

My Halloween plans: Points (from the football on TV). Pizza. Plenty of Coca-Cola Classic.


I will be sitting in a brand new couch after finally accepting how used-up my parents’ old La-Z-Boy is. ordered it nearly two months ago. I’m finally ready to join the modern couch game, with cupholders and usb chargers. last week, I watched Illinois get their faces rocked off. On Saturday, I’ll watch Illinois get their faces rocked comfort and style. I will definitely be sippin’ on my homemade hard rootbeer because this turned out phenomenally

Brian Gillis

I’ll be spending this weekend the same way that I imagine I’ll be spending most weekends this fall - at home in sunny Redondo Beach. It was fun watching football last weekend, but I’m going to miss being at the games and being part of the action this season.

As for what I’ll be drinking - I think this season calls for a steady diet of bourbon. On the rocks this weekend.


I will be on the couch, sullenly drinking Grain Belt and watching the Great Punting Battle. Maybe I’ll shift to what’s left of this Bauhaus Freezebox if there’s time, but otherwise I’ll be getting dragged out to the front yard bonfire with the wife to ready the candy trebuchet for the kids. Gametime snack is obviously pumpkin seeds (recipes here).

That’s it for your “writers” but what about the rest of you? Are you polishing the bolts on your Frankenstein’s neck while drinking a martini? Testing our your newfound Brundlefly super strength by drinking a bathtub full of PBR? Let us know in the comments!