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2020 Big Ten Football Week 2 Preview in MS Paint Infographics

I don’t know if there’s actually a preview in here but whatever

Despair not, valiant reader, for I have managed to pump out some more infographics for your viewing pleasure. Unfortunately, there are only five of them, and none of them really preview anything, so I’ll tack on a week 2 preview podcast to make up for it! The best part about this preview podcast is that we recorded it before Wisconsin was shut down, so check out all the outdated takes!

It sucks that the majority of the infographics i’ve produced so far have been pretty directly about coronavirus, but...well, this has always been a series that comments on college football, and this was always going to be the deal trying to play through a pandemic that absolutely has no reason to recede as the weather gets colder.

You know, I was pretty despondent about Illinois crushing my hopes in the first meaningful game of the season YET AGAIN...until Tuesday when the Wisconsin shutdown gained traction and I was reminded of something.

Oh yeah. That’s right. Pandemic. This season is dumb and will only get dumber. Rumor has it the Illini game against Purdue might be in jeopardy now, so...neat! Now instead of despairing about Illini football, I can just despair about all the other things, just like i’ve been doing!