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OTE’s App State Update

COVID remains undefeated

Morning y’all! I haven’t forgotten about you and hopefully you haven’t forgotten about OTE’s official team of 2020: The Appalachian State Mountaineers. Last we spoke, I predicted an App State win against Marshall in a high scoring affair where the Marshall QB would face a real wakeup call. Well, he did face that wakeup call, and those are the two teams who played, but woof. It was a rough game for spectators and Mountaineers alike. App got dominated at the line in both phases, they turned it over some more, and the special teams did what special teams does at most schools outside the top 30 recruiting classes: kinda sucked.

The following week I was too busy to preview the App State - Campbell matchup, and I probably wouldn’t have previewed it anyway because Campbell is FCS. Short version: App State had a ton of players out for COVID positive tests, and still rolled because Campbell is FCS and not a particularly good FCS team.

Fast forward Tonight, App State is supposed to play conference rival, Iowa State killer, and honestly probably transitive Big XII champ at this point—University of Louisiana-Lafayette Ragin’ Cajuns. Devotees of things I write will remember that last year I did a preview of the App State - Louisiana game, only to receive a polite e-mail from their press shop that they don’t go by ULL, Lafayette, or UL-L, or really anything else I would have thought up.

Tonight’s game has been canceled because a BUNCH of players and coaches have tested positive.

Next Wednesday, App State is scheduled to play long time Southern Conference rival, Georgia Southern. Usually a good game involving two teams who came to FBS together and are generally near the same level of canceled. Why? See the previous paragraph.

Fuckin’ COVID man.

An Important Post Script and Reminder

Football games getting canceled sucks, man. But let’s keep in mind WHY we’re canceling them and “putting up” with all these inconveniences:

An Appalachian State student has died with COVID-19, the university has confirmed.

Chad Dorrill, a 19-year-old sophomore exercise science major, died Monday night, Sept. 28, at Forsyth Medical Center in Winston-Salem, according to a friend.

Dorrill was two years removed from playing on a travel basketball team.

“He was perfectly healthy,” Bell said. “So just to know that this could happen to anybody whether you have underlying conditions or not, he was completely fine. And it just ended up him being the one in a million that it happened to.”

I fully support complaining about the way things are, especially in situations like we’ve had for most of 2020. Lots of things about the pandemic and shutdowns and such have really sucked. Complain away about missed vacations or funerals or non-conference college football seasons, but don’t minimize this shit or make fun of people who take it seriously.


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