B1G Survivor 2020 Week 3

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Week 2 of B1G Survivor saw another 24 knockouts. Special thanks to Maryland and MSU for making my work a little easier this week! A competition that started with 76 contestants has been whittled down to 11 left in a mere two weeks.

Here are the 11 remaining survivors. The first grouping of teams listed is that of who's been picked, and the second grouping is the first grouping's opponents. If a team is listed twice in the second grouping, it is bolded, and cannot be picked against for the remainder of the year.

BoilerBehindEnemyLines (Wisc, Ind) (Ill, Rut)

boilermaker5 (Mich, Pur) (Minn, Ill)

Danwesley Meyer (N'w, Pur) (Mary, Ill)

Green 96 (Mich, Ind) (Minn, Rut)

Hoosiers47 (N'w, Pur) (Mary, Ill)

huskerdenton (Mich, Ind) (Minn, Rut)

Nick Leivers (N'w, Pur) (Mary, Ill)

rich52K (N'w, Ind) (Mary, Rut)

RTVF82 (N'w, Pur) (Mary, Ill)

rutgersmillionaire (Rut, Ind) (MSU, Rut)

Whipples (Wisc, Pur) (Ill, Ill)

Whipples is the first to have the new "against" rule apply, and cannot pick an Illinois opponent for the remainder of the year.

Here is the Week 3 schedule. All games are on Saturday unless otherwise noted.

Michigan St @ Iowa

Rutgers @ Ohio St

Michigan @ Indiana

Maryland @ Penn St

Nebraska @ Northwestern

Minnesota @ Illinois

Purdue @ Wisconsin Canceled due to COVID