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Who’s Given Up On The Big Ten Football Season Already?

This season might mean even less than you thought!

NCAA Football: Maryland at Penn State Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Hey! The 2020 Big Ten football season continues to be bizarre! Here are the key questions we’re gonna help you answer after Week 3!

  • If Michigan State could win ONLY ONE GAME in a season, and it was Michigan, would they be happy?
  • Are we about to test this theory?
  • How do we account for the volatility of Maryland?
  • Is there any such thing as an encouraging 3-touchdown loss?
  • Related: does Rutgers have a football team?
  • How dead is Michigan?
  • When is it appropriate to fire Lovie Smith? At what week of 2020?
  • Is the West a shitshow? Has Pat Fitzgerald Nirvana been achieved? How different is that from Kirkvana?
  • What in the holy hell was going on at Notre Dame? Will they be playing anymore this year? Did an ill-advised field rush effectively knock them out of the College Football Playoff?

It’s going to get even dumber, folks.