B1G Survivor 2020 Week 5

By comparison to weeks one through three, week 4 of B1G Survivor was fairly uneventful. We started the week with three contestants....and ended the week with two. With Nebraska's upset of PSU, we say goodbye to 2017 champion Green 96.

Here are the two remaining survivors. The first grouping of teams listed is that of who's been picked, and the second grouping is the first grouping's opponents. If a team is listed twice in the second grouping, it is bolded, and cannot be picked against for the remainder of the year.

Nick Leivers (N'w, Pur, Minn, Ind) (Mary, Ill, Ill, MSU)

rutgersmillionaire (Rut, Ind, Minn, Wisc) (MSU, Rut, Ill, Mich)

This is probably as good a time as any to revisit the tiebreaking criteria (in the event that all remaining players get eliminated the same week), which I initially went over in week 1, and are the same as in previous years.

1. Best combined winning percentage of teams you haven't used

2. Strength of victory

3. Whoever got their "loser" pick in first

Here is the Week 5 schedule. All games are on Saturday unless otherwise noted.

Purdue @ Minnesota (Friday)

Indiana @ Ohio St

Iowa @ Penn St

Illinois @ Nebraska

Michigan St @ Maryland (canceled d/t COVID)

Michigan @ Rutgers

Wisconsin @ Northwestern