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Penn State’s Losing Streak Is Honestly Impressive: Big Ten Football Week 4 In Review

In four games they’ve already made history

NCAA Football: Penn State at Nebraska Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

The state of COVID-19 in Michigan forced us to podcast remotely this week! The state of many things in Michigan are quite poor at the moment, so let’s take you through it.

  • What is Kirk Ferentz’s deal with Minnesota, exactly?
  • At what point does PJ Fleck’s record against his rivals start to become an issue?
  • How can Penn State keep not scoring on such high yardage volumes?
  • What does this win mean for Scott Frost and Nebarkas?
  • (pokes Michigan State)...c’ something.
  • Is Lovie Smith off the hot seat after a thrilling ILLINUTGERS victory? Is there a quarterback controversy brewing?
  • Peak Pat Fitzgeraldness appeared to be reached in 2018. Could 2020 be taking it to a whole new level?
  • We just want to know, on behalf of Ryan Day: Why couldn’t they play?
  • Seriously, where the fuck is Jim Harbaugh? Has anyone seen this man? He’s in theory hard to miss!