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Big Ten Football Week 5 2020 Preview in MS Paint Infographics, Plus Predictions Podcast!

Stimulating your eyes AND your ears!

Good morning, dear reader. I’ll tell ya what, making these posts has been an uphill battle this year. Call me Penn State, because my heart just isn’t in college football season this year. The headwinds of anxiety, social isolation and my repeated false starts on self-improvement, combined with my mechanism of mindlessly scrolling things or Sporcling to distract myself from said headwinds and also things I really need to do, have been pretty strong.

But! You folks continue to think this column is worth perusing! This alone is enough for me to give it a shot every week!

Penn State is 0-4 and this is hilarious to me, yet it’s nowhere near as enjoyable as it would be in a season without COVID.

COVID or no COVID, I’ll tell you what’s gonna happen on Saturday. Isaiah Williams is gonna play a maximum of 8 snaps, and at most 3 will be consecutive. Lovie Smith hates fun and is trying to correct for last year, when fun occurred on his watch.

(He’s 3-24 against the Big Ten West and 6-7 against the East)

(The only way this could get funnier is if Ohio State made it on here next week)

Hey! Check out our podcast, which I’m always procrastinating too hard to upload and publish on Thursday!