B1G Survivor 2020--We have a winner!

Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Last night, the outcome of B1G Survivor was decided when Michigan outlasted Rutgers in triple overtime (that sentence seems strangely fitting for 2020). Our second place finisher, rutgersmillionaire, was eliminated earlier in the day with Illinois' upset of Nebraska.

Congratulations to Nick Leivers, our champion of B1G Survivor 2020! You're welcome to keep making picks and go for a perfect season. I won't be doing any more weekly posts, so you can keep making picks in this post if you so choose.

After just five weeks, an initial field of 76 contestants has been pared down to a single survivor. This is quite the contrast from last year, where eight contestants made it through a full 14 weeks unscathed. Here is the year-by-year list of B1G Survivor champions:

2017--Green 96

2018--ziowa9 (perfect season)

2019--AlltheIowanamesaretaken, Damien Hening, Dead Read, NUDave, Scarlet pimpernal hand, Schmolik64, Stewart RL, WisClonesin (perfect seasons)

2020--Nick Leivers

Thanks to everyone who participated! Also, thanks to the OTE staff for front-paging these posts and adding photos throughout the year. Hope to see you all again next year!

[Thank you, BNAC! Nick, if you've got any hot takes you'd like to get off your chest, feel free to contact me about setting up a front-paged shitpost of your choosing. Congrats! --MNW]