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Minnesota-Wisconsin canceled; should it be rescheduled?

It’s not looking good for the Axe game as COVID cases rise in Minneapolis. Should the Big Ten schedule Minnesota-Wisconsin for December 19?

Minnesota vs. Wisconsin Big Ten football Photo by Aaron Lavinsky/Star Tribune via Getty Images

This weekend’s game between the Minnesota Golden Gophers and Wisconsin Badgers—the 130th iteration of the Battle for Paul Bunyan’s Axe, one of the greatest traditions in college sports.

Only’s probably not happening.

Beezer, WhiteSpeedReceiver, and MC ClapYoHandz—an esteemed threesome if there ever was one—are here to break down what that means...and if a makeup game should be scheduled by the Big Ten.

beez: They’ve been running a lot of players out most of the season haven’t they? Like lots of contact tracing injuries?

WSR: There was a huge worry last Thursday. The number of guys held out due to contact tracing was insane.

It’ll be a miracle if this game happens.

MC: I really think they should rethink priorities for how to schedule the last week—lol just go with me it’ll happen—games like this should be slotted in there if they get cancelled.

beez: The chances are very high that the game is canceled, and I think there’s zero chance it’ll be played December 19th. I think it’s a cool idea to keep the rivalry games in place if they get canceled, but I actually think it’s an even cooler thing for the conference to do the CCG and 2v2, 3v3, etc... every year.

WSR: Yeah, I don’t have a ton to add since Beez hit everything perfectly. Sucks that we couldn’t function as a society, but if this is the cost so be it. And I really love the last weekend’s slate of games as currently devised and wish we could do it every year. It’s a fun idea that may be one of the best things to come out of 2020.

MC: I’m in favor of preserving tradition and history over trying out the current setup. It’s cool and all, but to have that streak wiped away in its favor seems off to me.

WSR: But when [Gophers sideline reporter and local sports talk radio whipping boy for a sycophant] Justin Gaard is tweeting things like this...oof:

beez: Welp.

WSR: So do we all get together, wisconsin and Minnesota fans, and cheer on Iowa?

Stadler and Waldorf-style, obviously.

beez: I’m rooting for Illinois to win every game and still miss the CCG because of COVID.

WSR: I like chaos. This feels like a good idea.

beez: Other than that, for whatever is funniest—and yes we should Muppets the shit out of the Iowa game.

BoilerBettor [wait what]: This is not an indictment of WSR or the Minnesota fanbase but would Peej be “petty” enough to get the game cancelled just to keep Wisconsin out of the CCG?

WSR: [It’s not Peej’s call.] This is going to be the 1st time since 1906 there wasn’t a game. That one was cancelled because Teddy Roosevelt felt football was unsafe.

This one is being cancelled because everyone is a goddamn idiot unable to comprehend that there are inherent responsibilities attached to living in a goddamn society.

beez: BTW, this is from five years ago, and obviously it got played for five additional years between now and then. It’s frankly INSANE that they’ve played every year since 1907, and all it took for the streak to end was a collective shrug/HURR DURR MY FREEDOMZ from an enormous brain dead swath of the country in the midst of a pandemic:

“This classic Big Ten rivalry has been going on since 1890, and “Paul Bunyan’s Axe” has been the prize since the late 1940s.The teams have met every year since 1907, and have only missed one chance to meet since 1890. President Teddy Roosevelt suspended college football rivalry games due to safety concerns in 1906, otherwise, this series would be uninterrupted.”

I gave you so many sentences[, MNW,] I’m donating one to Ben.

WSR: Wanna sing Ebony & Ivory next, Beez?

beez: Dibs on the low parts. [We’re] brain-melding twins/guys who hate each other except for the real-life things and the [Minnesota] Twins.


With that huggable moment, if the Axe game is called off this weekend, should it lead to a reshuffling of the December 19 games?

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  • 52%
    Yes—the Axe is too important to not play, if everyone’s healthy by Dec. 19.
    (101 votes)
  • 13%
    Yes—but only if equal and opposite games can be found for every Big Ten East team.
    (26 votes)
  • 34%
    No—nobody’s above this completely new tradition of power-matching the last weekend.
    (67 votes)
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