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Thank You For Your Service, Nebraska Football! Recapping Big Ten Football Week 5

Plus, has Illinutgers been replaced?!?!

NCAA Football: Illinois at Nebraska Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

We had to take some time to process the ridiculous events of Week 5 in Big Ten football.

  • Is Minnesota the best 1-4 team in the country?
  • How should the Indiana Hoosiers faithful feel after a close contest against the almighty Buckeyes?
  • How proud are Nebraska’s administrators, boosters and yokels of themselves for standing up against the tyranny of The Man and earning the right to get boatraced by Lovie Smith and the Fighting Illini?
  • At what point does Penn State’s season begin to have longer-term ramifications beyond the 2020 season?
  • Why isn’t anyone talking about Wisconsin still being the only Big Ten team careless enough to infect another Big Ten team during a football game?
  • Sometimes teams from Wisconsin turn the ball over 4 or more times and lose the game.
  • The final game of the scheduled #ILLINUTGERS series is scheduled for next year, as the legendary rivalry will take two years off following the 2021 contest. Is #MICHIGERS poised to tide us over in the meantime?