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Are You Thankful For Big Ten Football Yet? Previewing Week 6 And Possibly Not Beyond

We’re still doing this and Michigan-Penn State is a thing!

Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports

Well, folks, though our humble podcast is so often behind the times by a few days, we have never wavered from our belief that this season was going to be a shitshow in ways that we don’t always laugh about.

Since we recorded, Wisconsin’s game against Minnesota has been cancelled, bringing the Badgers’ record against COVID to 3-3. Rumor has it Ohio State has a coronavirus outbreak that may jeopardize their game against Illinois. I personally don’t believe the game will be cancelled under any circumstances for two reasons:

  1. Wisconsin has already established that there are no repercussions or even negative PR consequences for infecting Illinois through football plays
  2. A week-long shutdown would put Ohio State dangerously close to being held out of the Big Ten championship game, and considering the only reason we’re doing all of this is to get them into the college football playoff, I think some extreme circumstances would be necessary to force a cancellation.

At least we’re probably not losing Brandon Peters for three weeks again.

Anyway! Podcast!